Chapter 12: 3 weeks later

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No one really stares at you anymore. The video shit died down. And Donovan keeps a close eye on you trying to act like your the bad guy. Yes he's cheating on you still. Worse than before. One he called you by accident while he was fucking some girl. You still don't know who she is. Fuck that bitch since she knows y'all are together. But you didn't even care. She could have him cause you were about to break up with him.

Yn: It's for a grade God and his girlfriend is going to be there with us. So I can't do shit.

Donovan: I still don't trust you.

Yn: Donovan come to my house after school. I need to talk to you about trust.

Donovan: Oh shit he thought. Okay he said awkwardly, then walking away.

Hallway before sixth period:

Yn: Fuck nigga think he can play the trust card on me. Nigga your girlfriend us about to be that girl right here. You said looking at her. She kind of sped past you but you grabbed her arm gently. Hey wait a minute.

???: Yeah she hesitated to answer you

Yn: Whats your name. I rarely see you around, and I know you're not Donovan's sister. You said letting go of her arm.

???: Oh my name is Melania

Yn: Oh well don't tell Donovan but after school you can have him cause i'm breaking up with his ass.

Melania: Umm...okay well bye. She kind of smirked.

Yn: Bye you said walking away.

Melania: Wait

Yn: Yeah

Melania: How do you know

Yn: I saw. Y'all aren't as sneaky as I thought. You giggled a little.

Melania: I'm really sorry. I feel so bad I mean it's because I knew you were together and I-

Yn: Look it's okay I understand. You good. I forgive and forget. On to the next

Melania: I'm still really sorry. Well bye

Yn: Again it's okay. Bye to you too. You walked away smiling. Surprisingly she was nice, you could actually be cool with her.

After School at your house:

Yn: You texted Donovan

You: Hurry up I need to go and get this over with

D: I'm coming

You: Not fast enough

D: Im sorry bae damn. I'm going as fast as I can

You: Whatever and don't call me bae.

D: What I do

You: You know what you did so hurry tf up and come over here.

Donovan pulled up in five minutes. He knocked on the door. And you let him enter the house. He sat on the couch.

Donovan: What do you want to talk about. Yn

Yn: I already know the answer but i'm gonna ask you once.

Donovan: What is it. Oh shit just keep denying until she proves you guilty. Still to the plan. She cheated first and that's why she's accusing you. Come on D keep it together. Hr thought to hisself.

Yn: Are you cheating on me

Donovan: No. And just because you cheated doesn't mean I do so stop accusing.