Let me start by saying I've never written a story like this, a kind of fan fiction, but using a real person and creating a story around that. My depiction of Taron is probably nothing like he really is, or maybe there are bits of him in there, I try to stay true to what I see of him, but please don't think I've created a 100% accurate depiction. I've also never written a story in the third person, so bare with me if I slip into different tenses or points of view and feel free to correct me if I do so. Also I know that Taron has never lived in Brighton, which is where the story is set, but the place is essential to the story line. Lastly, the picture in this chapter is how I see Emilia, but you may see her otherwise. So, after all of that, I hope you enjoy the story, wish me luck! :)

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