67. Man Hunt

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"Who grabbed you?" Justin repeated. 

"Orlando." Za answered. I shoved him. 

"Shut up!" I exclaimed. Justin licked his lips in frustration and glared at me. I brought my knuckles to my lips and looked away.

"Were you even going to tell me?" Justin asked. 

"No." I refused to make eye contact. 

"Here, look." Za handed Justin his phone. 

"Really Za?!" I sighed. 

"I'm trying to help!" 

"This isn't helping! I'm not going to risk Justin going over there and getting arrested for fighting Orlando." I snapped.

Justin swung the door and walked out of the room. I ran after him. Za followed. I ran in front of Justin to stop him. 

"I'm not risking you getting arrested over this! This is what he wants Justin! Stop!" 

"Then, I'll go." Za volunteered.

"No! Nobody is going to do anything! You don't even know where he is!" I spat. 

"He's wearing an All-Star gym shirt. I'm guessing he works there." Za looked at his phone. 

"Let's go, Za." Justin moved me to the side.

"NOOO!" I grabbed Justin's arm. "Don't Justin please! It's not worth it. We'll be out of here in a few days! Let's just drop this." 

"He put his hands on you, Marissa! Again! I'm not playing this fucking game with him!" Justin snapped.

"And you putting your hands on him isn't going to make matters better! You're feeding into what he wants! Please don't go." I begged. 

"I'm going, so move." He yanked away from my grip. I stood there as him and Za left the studio.

I ran my fingers through my hair and contemplated whether or not to follow them. I ran out the door in search of the duo. They were already gone. I don't want to be bothered with this. I just decided to go back to Justin's place.

When I arrived, I didn't see Justin's car. I sighed. I called him, but there was no answer. I wanted to throw my phone, but I restrained myself. I got out the car, went inside and sat on the couch.

I turned on the TV.

"Backup dancer, Marissa Small, also known as famous PopStar, Justin Bieber's girlfriend, was seen outside a local Starbucks with an angry looking fellow.

The two were seen arguing outside the shop. The man grabbed Small's arm and witnesses said she assaulted him in his face with her keys to release herself. She soon fled the scene.

Witnesses say they saw the PopStar and a friend enter All-Star gym. We don't know if the unknown man works there, but we are sure The Biebs was looking for him. Witnesses say The Biebs was clearly upset and distracted. Witnesses also say..."

I turned the channel and laid back on the couch. I called Justin again. Still no answer. I called Za. No answer. I called Sammie.


"Hey girl, what's up?"


"We've been home for a day. What happened?"

"My ex... He was blowing me up last night. Justin answered my phone and they were arguing. So today I went to get my number changed and I ran into him."


"We got to arguing and he grabbed me. I hit him in the face and drove off. Then, I went to the studio to meet up with Justin. Za noticed my arm while Justin was in the booth recording. Justin overheard our conversation and all hell broke loose. Now they're out looking for Orlando."

"Justin is going to get arrested if shit pops off."

"I tried telling him that, but he was irate and wouldn't listen to me."

"Where are you now?"

"At Justin's..."

"Why didn't you go after him?"

"Because he wasn't listening to me! Why would I chase after him in my car. He's not even thinking clearly right now."

"He just wants to protect you, Ri."

"I know, but this isn't the best way."

"In his mind it is. He wants to send Orlando another message. Every time he comes after you. Orlando is gonna have to deal with him. So you can't be mad at Justin. He loves you and wants you to be safe. Same with Za. He wasn't there to help kick Orlando's ass the first time. Now, he wants part of the action."

"I knew she was right."

"You're so right. Please come over. There's going to be some tension soon and I don't want to face it alone."

"I'll be right over. Look out for me."

"Okay. See you soon."

I hung up the phone. I got on Twitter and there was a lot of photos from the altercation. I didn't even see anyone taking pictures at the time. I was so distracted. I zoomed in on one of the photos.

Orlando looked so furious. It brought me back to that miserable night, flashbacks of me hitting the dresser and bruises that were left behind.

I glanced down at my red arm and rubbed it. It didn't hurt, it was just a handprint left. I got a text from Sammie saying she was outside and to open the gate.

I looked around the wall for some kind is control switch or something. I found one near the door. I pushed the button and watched as Sammie's car drove up. I opened the door and waited for her.

"You're in this big ass house all alone? Creepy." She walked in. I pushed the button to close the gate. 

"Justin and Za will be back soon." We sat on the couch. 

"This shall be interesting."

"I turned on the TV and they were talking about it." I rolled my eyes.

"News travels fast here. You know that. Surprised there isn't any pics." She said. 

"There are." I handed her my phone. 

"He's cute." 

"Sam!" "My bad, my bad. He clearly has anger issues. I kinda hope Justin does kick his ass." She handed me my phone.

"I can't wait to go back on tour. This vacation is off to a bad start." I rested my head on my hand. 

"Things will get better." Sam rubbed my knee. 

"I don't need Justin getting in trouble at my expense."

"He's just being protective. He loves you." 

"I know." I faintly smiled. I heard the front door open. Za and Justin walked in.

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