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The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 41~ The End

The next day we went to see Severn and Eli again. Everyone was quiet and conserved and no one barely said anything the whole way there. When we arrived we went through a series of processes which were all very slow, but eventually we were back at the place we were last night, with the same doctor from last night.

"What's new?" Phoenix asked in a low voice.

"Severn's stopped beating last night," he began, looking at his clipboard. We all held our breaths. "We managed to bring him back, and now he's improving significantly. You might be able to catch him conscious today actually."

Phoenix nodded and the doctor cleared his throat and continued. "Eli is also improving, we need to get him physiotherapy and put him on crutches and he'll be hopefully good to go."

"How soon?" Landon pressed.

"Oh a couple of days," the doctor answered.

"Can we see them?" I asked hesitantly.

The doctor paused, "After what happened last time...I should say no."

We all drooped, literally.

"But," he began. "I'll let you go in since they have recovered well so far."

"Thank you," Landon breathed.

This time we all went in at once. Eli was asleep with a frown on his face and a hard jaw. Severn slept more peacefully, he looked dead. But he shifted and I breathed a sigh of relief...even though he didn't look too strong, Severn was much better than he was yesterday. His heart thumped steadily.

Landon, Giovanni, Walter and I stood over him while Phoenix and Gomez were sitting by Eli. Severn cracked his pale green eyes open.

"How are you feeling?" Walter asked him.

"Like shit," Severn rasped, squinting.

And as quick as that, the barrier of worry had been shattered and we began to breathe again.

"You need anything?" I asked him taking his hand. I ran my finger over his gang scars.

"Nah.." Severn mumbled.

"You remember what happened?" Landon asked a fair question.

Severn regarded him with a cool gaze, "Everything."

Landon nodded, "I'm sorry, it was all my fault."

"Forget it man, I'm alive aren't I? Severn Simpson is a hard one to kill," Severn cracked a smile.

We smiled back stiffly, he didn't know that he had technically died last night.

"How'd you get that?" Severn nodded to Giovanni's cast.

"The fight," Giovanni answered, touching his injured wrist. Then he smiled. "I missed you so much...I was scared."

Severn smiled, "I knew deep down you cared about me."

Giovanni nodded tears in his eyes and put his face into Severn's shoulder. Severn painfully raised a hand to pat his brother comfortingly.

Phoenix and Gomez came over then, and small conversation started.

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