Chapter 14

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When Haymitch knocks on the door, we are still sleeping.

"Who is that?" Peeta yawns and gets up to open the door. I get up too and put on some clothes.

"Haymitch, do you even know what time is it?" i hear Peeta. I go downstairs to see them.

"Sorry for destroying your beautiful sleep lovebirds, but i couldn't wait to tell you a great news!" he seems so excited, like a chihuahua.

"What happened?" i ask.

"Effie will be there in few hours"

"Wow, what a great surprise!" Peeta smiles.

"Yeah it is. Can't wait to see her, though..."

"Well that's because you are in love" i say and stop him by saying anything "just don't deny, we all see it"

"Yep Katniss is right," Peeta says and hugs me from behind. He is still in his boxers. His warm chest feels so good on my skin.

"I must go, my house is real mess right now, gotta clean it up" he disappears in just 2 seconds.

"Good to see him so excited and happy." Peeta kisses me on the neck.

Haymitch decided to make a dinner for Effie and we are also invited. We are sitting in his home, with Effie's eyes full of tears. When i first saw her, i hugged her very tightly, she always was like an aunt for me.

"Oh by babies, it's so nice to see you both happy and safe" she says and wipes her tears, than makes a serious face and whispers "manners." Peeta and me sigh at the same time.

"We are happy to see you there, with Haymitch" Peeta tells her. "You two make a good couple." i see Effie flushes a little.

"Are you seriously matchmaking?" Haymitch groans.

"Yep" i say as i eat.

The evening was very good and we had fun with them, i loved how they were making eye contact, their playful banter...
When we went back to our home, we both had huge smiles on our faces.

"Will you still pose for me tomorrow?" he asks.

"Yes, i will, just make sure i'll look prettier in the picture."

"It's impossible to be more beautiful than you are, Katniss" He kisses me softly and i feel my cheeks getting red.

The next day i am posing for him again, time seems to fly so fast, i just enjoy beautiful sun. He suddenly stands up and comes to me.

"You done painting?" i ask as i stand up from the sand.

"I can't wait anymore. I know it's may not the best time to... but, i just can't wait..."

"What? what are you talking about?" i am so confused.

He approaches and kneels down.

Oh my God!



Oh my...

"Katniss" he starts, looking me in the eyes. "You know i love you more than anything and anyone, our lives were crosses from the beginning, i had a crush on you since i was 5 and I loved you all this time, and after all of this, i feel like the luckiest guy in the world because you love me back" i feel tears streaming down my face, i inhale a deep breath. "We are together it's already one month, so, Katniss, i can't wait to make our relationship official and i can't wait to call you my wife." He pulls out a little box from his pocket, opens it and i see very beautiful little ring in it. My heart beat becomes faster and faster, i become dizzy. "Katniss Everdeen, my Girl On Fire, will you marry me?"

As soon as his words reach my ears, i feel like i am about to die. My mouth is dry, me eyes blur, my heart is swollen, i don't know how to respond, i just somehow forgot how to speak. He just proposed me, HE JUST PROPOSED ME! I was always afraid of marriage, but now? i don't see any problem here, i love him and he loves me, the world is safe, and i want to be with him forever.

So i smile wide, nod and tell him "Yes, Peeta, yes, i will marry you!" i kneel in front of him and kiss him wildly, smiling against his lips. He kisses me back, then hugs me and puts a ring on my finger.

I am going to marry Peeta Mellark, the love of my life! I am going to become Katniss Mellark!

Hey! sorry for updating so late, i just had crazy weeks. Hope you enjoy this chapter ❤

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