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Pen Your Pride

Free Falling - Chapter 4

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Copyright © 2011 Kirsty Moseley

                                                      Chapter 4

As it turned out, Zachary Anderson obviously didn’t feel like starting school at all. He skipped the whole week. I gave up waiting for him after Wednesday. Every day the Principal would call his aunt and apparently she would apologise profusely and promise he would be there the following day, but as of Friday he had officially skipped all week. I was secretly hoping that Principal Bennett would just tell him not to bother starting at all if he couldn’t even drag himself here willingly. She didn’t strike me as the kind of person to give up that easy though, she liked a challenge, and Zachary was certainly turning out to be that. So far, he was certainly living up to his ‘I’m a delinquent and I’m repeating senior year’ reputation.

The week passed unbelievably slowly. I had to go to the detentions because Mr Turner refused to let me off of them and made a big show to the Principal that it was more about the conversation and lack of respect, rather than me being late for his class. The only good thing about detentions was that I got my homework done quicker than normal, which meant I could spend more time with Luke in the evenings.

Tonight I planned on letting a little lose though and having fun. It was Ricky’s eighteenth so he was having a party at his house. I dressed up a little more than usual, going for a blue all in one, strapless playsuit. It looked cute and showed off a lot more leg than I would ever dream of flashing, but I was with Luke all night and I knew he’d appreciate it. I was staying at his place tonight; my parents didn’t know, of course, they thought I was staying with Charlotte. Alex had agreed to cover for me, in exchange I had to do all of his chores for a month and make him grilled cheese whenever he asked for it.

I’d just finished packing my overnight bag when there was a knock on my bedroom door. I turned and shouted for them to come in, knowing it would be Luke. As soon as the door opened, his eyes went wide, and his mouth dropped open as he raked his eyes over every single inch of my body. I bit back a smile at his lustful expression.

“Holy shit, Maisie. Damn!” he almost growled.

I laughed and did a little twirl. “Look okay?” I asked, not really needing confirmation, I could see the approval in his eyes.

“Okay? My God, baby… or maybe I should say, my Goddess.” He bit his bottom lip, his brow furrowed as his eyes raked over me slowly.

I laughed and grabbed my red sandals that Luke had bought me a couple of weeks ago. I pulled them on then walked over to him. He was still checking me out, obviously thinking of all of the dirty things he wanted to do to my body tonight.

“Let’s go get this party over and done with so that you can take me home with you for the night, huh?” I purred, tracing my hand up his chest lightly.

His hands went to my outer thighs, brushing across them teasingly. “These legs blow my mind,” he breathed, shaking his head, looking slightly pained. “I think maybe you should change. I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to drive us there without killing us.”

I laughed at that. “What?”

“I’m warning you now, I’m not going to be able to keep my eyes on the road on the way there,” he admitted, shrugging casually as if this was no big deal.

I slipped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me, pressing every inch of my body to his, trying not to shiver as his hands trailed up to cup my butt. “If you kill us then we won’t be able to do any of those dirty things that you’re thinking right now.”

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