Chapter 16 - Insecurity

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Who’s Kim?

This question is always on my mind. I hate when I don’t know a thing and when someone has a secret from me! I need to find it!

Should I ask Liam to help me or should I find it out by myself? Urgh… another question I can’t reply to…

Suddenly someone knocked at my door. “Yeah?” The first thing I could see were brown hairs. Oh it’s Louis.

“Hey Zayn! How are you?” He asked.

“I’m fine thanks, you?”

“Good good. I only wanna tell you that breakfast is ready.” He replied. As he wanna leave my room, I took all my courage and asked him: “Who’s Kim, Louis?”

He stands a few minutes in front of my door without moving.

“How do you know about her?” He asked breaking the silence.

“Yesterday I heard Niall and Harry talking about her. They also said that Dodo has some news about her… Louis, please tell me the truth. Who’s Kim?”

Louis took a deep breath. “Ok. Kim is Katia’s cousin. They are really close and Katia is worried about her, because Kim has some problems. So Katia told Dodo about her. Do you remember the day, when we had the sleepover at Dodo’s? The next day Niall, Harry, I and Dodo made a picnic. After it, when we went back at her house, we met Kim. She wanted to visit Katia, but she had the wrong address… She looks really beautiful, a bit like Katia, but also different… erm… oh… I..mean-“

“Haha well Louis… Hey dude, you don’t need to blush.” I said when I saw that Louis’ face turned red. “You like her, doesn’t you?” I wink.

“Yeah, kind of.” He replied and turned even redder.

“Haha ok, you don’t need to tell me any detail. Thank you for telling me about Kim.”

“No problem bro.” He said.

Ok, now I know who Kim is, but I think Louis hadn’t told me everything about her. I need to find out, what Kim’s secret is!

“Erm Louis? What happened between Niall and Doreen, because I heard Niall and Harry talking about it.”

“Well you know that they had a crush on eachother?” He asked me and I nodded. “A few days ago Dodo had a date with Dean. Niall followed them, secret. So he saw that they kissed, but when he ran away, Dodo noticed him. She wanted to talk to him, but Niall won’t. He thinks that she didn’t love him anymore, but he want her back… I’m sure that Dodo still loves him, like he does.

“Ah ok. And what are they doing now?” I asked him.

“I don’t know exactly, but I think Niall want to speak with her and will apologize for his bad behavior. It was really a bad idea to follow her on a date, also when he loves her!” Louis replied.

Suddenly Liam ran into my room and shout: “What the hell takes so long, Louis?! You’re here now for about 15 minutes! We’re hungry! C’mon and get your asses into the kitchen!”

“Calm down Li, we’re coming now.” I said. He gave me a furious look, as I and Louis passed him by.

*A few hours later*

I stood in front of Dodo’s house. The lights were on in her room. After a few minutes staring at her window, I knock. I could hear her coming downstairs.

“H-Hello Zayn.” She welcomed me.

“Hey Dodo.” I said and looked in her beautiful blue eyes, but they haven’t the amazing blue colour like usual, they were red. “Dodo, what happened? Can I please come in?” I asked.

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