Chapter 25

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We were lounging around Jenna’s living room while watching Scream 4. Brian and Vicki weren’t watching it, but the rest of us were.

They were too busy tongue wrestling to care or to notice.

The entire time I could feel Matt’s gaze on me. Could he possibly still want something to do with me? I thought not. At least nothing romantic now anyway.

Brian grabbed hold of the Jack Daniels bottle and took another huge swig before getting the hiccups and passing it to Vicki, who did the same. Jenna, Emily, Matt and I all ended up huddling closer to the TV so that we wouldn’t be disturbed by the two drunkards.

“I’m just going to the bathroom,” Emily announced as she stood up.

“Nice, I needed to know that Emily!” Jenna called back in a joking manner before looking back at Matt and I.

I had noticed that Matt had moved unusually close to me, although I tried not to do anything out of the ordinary so as to not raise suspicions.

“Awh,” Jenna began, “You’re protecting your little sister, Matt?” she cooed in our direction. I didn’t want to look at his face to avoid awkwardness, but from the way his hand moved down my back I could tell that he was annoyed at something she had said.

“She’s not my sister, Jenna….”he trailed, almost completely pissed off. “That would just be too weird.”


“It’s not your fault and you know now…so…” he retorted back, still sounding somewhat pissed off.

Jenna could feel the awkwardness in the air, as could i. Vicki would have surely said anything if she had been with us.

“I’m going to get that other bottle of Jack Daniels…” Jenna told us as she got up to leave our presence. Of course, we knew exactly why she was leaving.

“Matt, are you annoyed with her?” I asked him eventually as Jenna made it clear that she wasn’t coming back into the room any time soon.

“No…” he trailed, “I just don’t want to think of you as my sister. And I don’t want anyone to call us siblings either.”

I obviously reciprocated the feeling he was sharing with me, although I didn’t think it was the right time to tell him so. “Why don’t you want that?” I asked, trying to sound shocked.

“Well,” he chuckled, “don’t pretend that you do.”

I inhaled deeply, the answer must’ve been written so obviously across my face. He was right. I didn’t. But I had a feeling that our two motives were completely different.

I hoped that they weren’t, however.

We both focused our eyes back to the TV.

“Do you?” he added shyly. He knew that we both wanted the answer to the question.

“Do I what?” I asked casually, almost laughing at myself. I was acting so stupid.

“Do you want to class each other as siblings? I mean, I would totally understand considering that we are going to be sharing a sibling soon and shit like that and-”

“What did my mom give you…Matt?” I asked randomly, hoping to catch him off guard. I thought that maybe he would be unprepared and answer my question.

“Huh?” he asked, startled.

I knew then that it wouldn’t work this time. “What did my mom give you, Matt?” I pressed again, giving it my best shot, whatever that was.

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