Chapter 4: Netflix and Chill

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***Netflix and chill my ass. Y'all know what's up (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~『✧~*DICKS*~✧』. Fun fact: Landon is part Italian. Akaashi is part...well...he's a bit diverse, I'll just leave it at that.

If my mom was actually home, I'm going to get the yelling of a lifetime. I was two hours passed curfew last night, not to mention that I brought someone home and didn't tell her. My mom is so hard on me because I'm still seventeen but even when I turn eighteen in the summer she's still going to control me. I wasn't sure if I should leave my room because I know she's downstairs and she's just waiting. 

Akaashi was already awake too, just sitting on my bed and rubbing his hair. He's not very talkative in the morning but its almost noon. He sat there and stared at the bed as he rubbed his messy hair.

"Do you want to meet my mom?" I asked him out of nowhere.

"We just started going out." he said but he smiled though as if he was excited to.

"I tell my mom everything so she knows who you are." I said and he groaned, falling back in my bed. I sort of can't keep secrets from her so when I started doing things just to do things, she got curious. 

"Can I wear your clothes then?" he asked.

Akaashi wants my clothes? My cheeks were hot. He wants to wear my clothes. Do I tell him yes? What is he going to wear? He didn't wait for my answer; he got out of my bed and went to my closet, looking for something he would like. Does this mean we're on some new level now? He wants my clothes. He can wear all my jackets and sweaters if he wants. Before he took something, I noticed that he was taking off his jeans. He pushed them down his legs and got them off, leaving them on the floor as he took a green sweater from my closet.

He was...he barely has any clothes on. I was a bit nervous because I haven't seen him like that before. The only thing left on his body was the underwear he was wearing; they were blue and form fitting. We already both know that his body is something to stare at, and I didn't catch on to his scheme until I thought that. He did that on purpose. He wants me to stare and I fell for it. I couldn't move my eyes from his body; his skin is flawless and always glowing. He has wider hips and thicker thighs and I just couldn't stop staring. 

I caught his glance back towards me and he was smiling as he pulled the sweater over his head; it was big over his torso, not to mention that his arms were shorter than the sleeves. I held back my smile and watched him pull a pair of my basketball shorts from somewhere, putting them on slowly.

Honestly, I just wanted to complain. He really shouldn't have put clothes on. Its not fair. For a few seconds, he was close to naked in my room. Its not like I can tell anyone this so in my mind I just kept reminding myself. Akaashi was almost naked and he looked good.

Will he ever just take his clothes off for me again?

I frowned to myself.

This is not fair.

He came over to me and I thought for a second that he would kiss me but he didn't; he always teases me and it breaks my heart. He laughed when he saw how disappointed I was but I couldn't help it. 

We can't stay in my room all day. I mean, we could but Akaashi would think that was boring. He's the one that goes on adventures, I'm the type of person to watch adventures on TV. I'm actually surprised that he said yes to going out with me. I'm not even that thrilling. Then again, I can show him a good time. I think so. Plus I'm cute.

I could hear my mom in the kitchen downstairs. On Saturdays, she usually picks up an extra shift at the clinic because she gets bored when my dad isn't around. Since I don't technically need her around anymore, she just does a bunch of stuff; she has to help me get in to college right? We all know I'm not getting an academic scholarship. I was hesitant to go any further but I wanted her to meet Akaashi finally. When I told her that he said yes to going out with me, she laughed and left. Now I have proof.

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