She was pulled off of the riser as soon as Ana was out of sight. The guards held her arms tightly as they dragged her back into the castle where her father waited angrily. She knew that he would punish her, but at this point she didn't care, she was just hoping that they wouldn't catch Ana as she tried to escape.

"You insignificant girl! What gave you the right to do this?" Her father was pacing back and forth in the throne room, he looked angered beyond comparison. When the guards lifted their hold from her, she fell to the ground, and the guards left the room. She watched her father pacing, but when he stopped she thought he might have come to his senses.

"Father I-"

"Don't you father me, you are no daughter of mine. The people are questioning Roselyn!" She inched back a bit, feeling like any slight word would anger him to no end. Even though he never admitted it, she always had thought he cared for her in at least a small way, for he had never rose a hand to her, even if he expressed his disgust often. Somewhere in his heart, she knew that he had to care for his only daughter. However these thoughts were disrupted by the sound of doors opening, an angered Arthur walking through the doors.

"Father!" Arthur bellowed, ignoring the intruding glances from the maids in the hallway and the bustled to pull the door shut.

"Don't you dare use that tone with me young man, I raised a prince, not some-"

"Why," Arthur muttered, through clenched teeth, obviously fuming with rage towards their father. "Why did you try to have Ana killed!"

"Because she is no good for you!" Ros stayed silent as they were yelling at one another, knowing better than to butt in. Her thoughts went to Merlin, and how she should probably explain what had happened to him, although she knew that he must've seen.

"Father I loved her, more than you could've imagined, and you took that away from me! You've lost my trust, and I hope to god that I'll be a better bloody king than you call yourself." With that, Arthur walked out. Ros had an inclination to follow after him, but she knew that her father would forgive Arthur in a way that he would never forgive her.

"If I hadn't interfered, Arthur would be beyond furious with you father, I only did what I thought what best for the kingdom," And for her brothers happiness, she thought. She bowed before her father as he glared at her. "I understand I am to marry the visiting prince, I'll do my best to make him happy," I said the last part with a whisper. When he said nothing, I took it upon myself to leave the room, leaving him to think.

The moment she closed the door, a hand wrapped around her waist and she turned, expecting it to be Merlin. Her eyes widened with surprise when the soft eyes of Prince Dane were looking down at her. "I heard your father yelling at you, I came to make sure you were alright," he said, taking her hand and kissing them with his free hand.

"Y-yes... Well he's just upset about this whole misunderstanding," she reassured him, unwinding herself from his grip. "I apologize, but I would really like to retire a bit early tonight, this whole thing has made me exhausted," she nodded to him, bowing. It wasn't exactly a lie, but she needed to find Merlin and talk to him immediately. There was a sad twinkle in Dane's eyes, but he nodded in understanding.

"Well, get some rest my princess, I'd hate to see you tired and upset, this whole ordeal has made you quite jumpy," he added with a nervous laugh. She thanked him, and quickly began walking away from him, finding Merlin is the top priority for her right this second.

"Oh Merlin, please tell me you haven't done something stupid," she muttered to herself, thinking to his pale white face in the crowd.

She stood on stage, just as she had pulled down her hood and revealed herself to the town. There was dead silence in the air as she scanned the crowd. There, the electric blue eyes, they were easy to find, and unmistakable. His skin had paled, and he looked deathly. As his eyes met hers, a strong feeling of urgency wiped through her, hearing her father's voice over everyone, breaking the silence, yelling for his daughter to be stopped. Ros reached down and helped Ana up as quickly as she could

"Princess, I'll never be able to repay you. You've saved my life and I'll always be in your debt," Ana clutched to Ros in fear, crying into her chest.

"Do you want to repay me?" She said to her quickly, and Ana nodded as her father's men burst through the gates and set their eyes on the two of them, starting to push their way through the crowd. "Take your horse and run, as far away from here as you can. I've placed a bag with all you need on the saddle already, just run."

The memory was fresh in her brain, for it had happened less than an hour ago. "Oh Ana, I'm sorry... This is my fault... I should've never told you to stick with my brother... Why couldn't I have kept my mouth shut?" She whisper yelled, mostly to herself. As she tapped on Giaus' door, there was no answer. Knocked again, no answer. When she knocked the third time, it swung open to reveal the same pale faced Merlin from before, this time with red puffy eyes. He had been crying, she thought to herself, pulling him into a tight hug.

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