meeting eye to eye

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So I'm skipping into the next day during lunch

Jaden : so you ready?

Adrian : yup come on

Principal : good morning u two thank u for coming out
So the lunch room is this way and she sits in table 5 ok .

Adrian : thank u but if u don't mind can u tell the lunch room that we're here and please don't get to crowded?

Principal : of course stay right here and when u see me point my hand toward the door u guy's come in .

Jaden : sounds good
And what about Q&A with the students.?

Principal : go ahead.
Ok be right back

In the lunch room

Principal : may I have ur attention please! !!!!
Today we have 2 special guest today so please do not crowd them may I present
Adrian Peterson
& Jaden Johnson
The Victoria Secret models!!!!!

Adrian : hiiii!!!! ( air kisses )

Jaden: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! !!

Crowd : ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! !!
"I love you two"
" I love you"
"Marry me!!!"

I asked the principal for the microphone and the principal told everyone to be quiet.

Adrian : (shhh) hi everybody how are you ?

Crowd : "good"

Adrian : so we're here today to present a VIP pass card to Tyra Ross
Can anybody tell me where she is

Tyra : I'm here I'm here!!!!

Me and jaden walked over to tyra

Jaden : hi sweetheart

Tyra : hi

Adrian : so incase if you wondering tyra won a competition
And she getting a vip pass
Card so here u go

Tyra : ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

We saw tyra crying so me and jaden gave her a hug
Then I went to front of the lunch room and said.

Adrian: so I was wondering if you want to do a Q&A with us

Crowd: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Jaden : okay how about you

Student 1 : ooh well , i wonder if u guys still go to school?

Adrian : absolutely

Student 2 : are u into boys ?

Principle: do not ask that !

Adrian : no its fine , yes im straight haha

Jaden : i am Queer or i guess bi

Student 12 : I'll date u !

Principal : sorry to interup but it's 5mintues untill the bell rings

Adrian : ok thanks for having us bye

So me and jaden walked over to the girl bathroom to change back
into nerds .

But then we saw Chris

Chris : oh my God

Adrian : ( shit ) hi there How are you ?

Chris : good

Jaden : ok then

Chris : can I get a pic please

Adrian : idk when that bell is going to ring. . . Alright

Jaden : alright smile

( Phone clicks )

Chris : thank you

Adrian : bye Chris
( shit ! Dammit )

Chris : u know my name?

Adrian : I saw it on ur phone Bye

Me and jaden walked over to the bathroom and quickly change into our nerd side

Then the bell ring so me and jaden quickly left and ran to our classes

Adrian : I have art

Jaden : I have math se u afterschool

Adrian : meet me by my blue lamborghini

Jaden : got you see you later


Thnxs for reading this chapter and vote and comment till then bye love you

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