Chapter 61

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Niall's eyelids had fluttered noticeably. He also flinched when pinched by his rather enthusiastic and slightly eccentric Doctor. He had not shown any other signs of waking from his coma, but the medical professionals believed it was enough to be hopeful.

Robyn had watched in quiet awe and hope as both of these things occurred and she quickly left the others keeping vigil at his side and made her way to the hospital chapel to pray for a miracle that now seemed entirely possible. As she walked in she sat down and looked at the memorial plaques on the wall and felt reverence and respect for her faith although she had not been faithful to it in quite some time.

She prayed quietly, head down and eyes closed as she focused on finding the right words to send up for her friend and wondered if it would be too much to ask to pray for Harry too. She decided to chance it and was lost in prayer and so did not see the woman come to the door of the chapel, and stand there watching her until she thought she'd finished.

"Excuse me."

She called and caught Robyn's attention just as she'd begun to stand from the pew.


"You're here with Niall Horan arent you? The star?" She looked closely at the woman and the familiarity of her face, the enigmatic color of her eyes and the way they were so striking against the frame of her dark hair and brows. "I saw in the newspaper this morning that he was here...he's been in the news quite a lot lately hasn't he?"

The eyes were piercing and seemed to know the things they were asking even before they asked them. Robyn had grown used to avoiding the implications of such eyes, but that made them no less surprising to see. They enchanted her even as they  intruded on her soul.

"I can't say."

She managed to respond, and watched the hand that the woman placed on her forearm.

"When he was on trial the news said a man testified for him? There were pictures of the man who testified and I need to know if you know him. Please." She unfolded the photo printed from some online news site, but Robyn hardly needed to have the wrinkled and creased paper  shoved under her nose to know exactly who the woman spoke of. "This is my son, Harry. He's a friend of Niall's, the articles all say he's the reason Niall got found not guilty...I've been looking for Harry for years now..."

Her voice trailed off as Robyn lifted her eyes from Harry's image and met eyes with his mother. She felt her throat constrict and her mouth go dry, even as her mind reeled and wondered what on earth she could say. She couldn't lie to this woman, but she wouldn't betray Harry either.

"You know him don't you? Oh my god! You know where he is? Don't you?"

Tears pooled in her brilliant eyes and Robyn again shifted her gaze and looked back down at the picture. She reasoned that if Harry wanted to be found he would have been found long ago, and with a heavy heart she spoke a half truth.

"I don't know where your son is..." the other woman gasped, a sharp intake of breath like audible disappointment, and Robyn kept her eyes trained on the picture. "But I have seen him before. Recently."

"You have?"

She wanted no more conversation than absolutely necessary with this woman, and so she gave her no opportunity to ask any more questions.

"Yes. If you have a number you want him to have I'll pass it along to him when...I mean if...I see him again." She was rather cool about it, putting on a careless and casual air in hopes of not giving herself away. She folded the picture up and held it lightly out to the woman, who scribbled a phone number on it. "Great. Good luck finding him."

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