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*Anabelle's POV*


*23 weeks pregnant*


Spring Break was next week and I leave for my Senior Trip to Florida early tomorrow morning. Dr. Reynolds had given me the okay to go so now Lianne and Derek were helping me pack my things.

"Okay, so I was thinking that I would sleep over so we don't waste more time in the morning," Lianne said, placing some of my clothes in my luggage.

"Well that would make things easier on me. I wouldn't have to make two trips, which saves me gas," Derek commented.

I nodded, placing my only pair of flip flops into my luggage. "Yeah, that's true."

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I took out my phone, the corners of my lips curved upward, as I saw a text message from Sean.

'You excited for tomorrow?! Cause I am!'

Just before I could answer, he sent another text message.

'I'm going to call you right now'

A few seconds later, my phone began ringing. I smiled, quickly answering the call.

"Why hello there Mr. Walker."

"Why hello there Miss Thompson."

"To answer your text, yes. I am very excited," I grinned, looking down at my open suitcase.

"We're gonna have fun. I've been waiting for this trip for the longest."

"I know, same here. So, are you coming to my house tomorrow morning, so we could head to the airport together?"

"I was actually gonna have my mom drop me off at the airport."

I was suddenly hit with a wave of disappointment. "Oh."

"Well, not unless you want me to head over tomorrow morning. I'll gladly do so. Do you want me to come over tomorrow?"

"Um.. Yeah," I replied, nervously.

I heard him laughing lightly on the other side of the line. "Okay, I'll come. Just for you."

I laughed nervously. "Okay."

"I honestly cannot wait to see you."

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