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Day 7: Josh and Maya's future.

Marriage is a big deal to a girl who grew up with a father who left.
It's a big deal to a boy who grew up with everyone in his family marrying the 'one'.
It's an even bigger deal when the bride and groom had been waiting for what feels like a century.
It's a big deal to enter a family, when you grew up with them it's a little easier, but to change your last name, that, that is a big deal.

I felt like I couldn't breathe, as I looked in the mirror.
A gorgeous white gown cascading around me.
And Riley behind me to the right smiling big and bright with a simple blue dress a small bouquet of colourful flowers.
"I'm getting married." I breathed.
"Yes you are peaches." Riley smiled.
"Holy shit." I said turning around and flopping on the sofa.
"What's wrong?" Riley asked sitting beside me with a concerned look. "I thought you loved Josh."
"I do. I really do." I said truthfully. "It's just overwhelming. Im actually getting married today.
"Do you not want to?"
"No of course not. I mean. Ugh. I want to, I'm just nervous. You know?"
"I think." Riley said trying to understand. "Peaches. The only thing I know is that your meant to marry Josh and have your happily ever after. Even if it is before mine, it's perfect."
"You two are perfect for each other."
"You think?"
"Of course." Riley nodded.
"Awe Maya you look gorgeous!" Topanga came in with my mom both teary eyed.
"Thanks Topanga." I said rising to hug her.
"Baby girl. You look so beautiful." My mom said moving to hug me too. "Josh is a lucky man today."
"He is isn't he." I smiled. Tearing up. "You guys are making me cry!"
"Prepare for even more tears as you walk down the aisle."
"Oh that makes me feel better." I said sarcastically.
"It's the truth."
"Five minutes!" Yelled Shawn as he entered the room. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me. "Maya." He said with a smile.
I don't think I've ever seen Shawn smile so bright.
"You look beautiful." He said coming closer.
"Thank you Shawn."
"Promise me something Maya."
"If you ever need anything ask me. Day or night I'm here for you. Even if you will no longer share my name. I'm still here."
"Oh you guys suck. I haven't even stepped out of the room and I'm crying." I said as I whipped a tear. Hugging Shawn I said;
"You will always be my dad."
"You will always be my Maya."
"Shawn, man up we still have hours left." I said breaking the hug and whipping his tears.
"Come on Maya time to get out there." Cory said coming in.
"Oh god, I don't need to go through this again." I said walking towards Cory, hugging him I said;
"Mr.Matthews thank you."
"Maya. Your my sister now. Call me Cory."
"Okay. Cory." I said with a smile.
"You ready."
"I think so."
"Well soon to be Mrs.Matthews I think we should get out there." Riley said linking arms with me. "You know I still think I should be the one walking you down the aisle."
"But then you wouldn't be my maid of honour honey." I said pinching her cheek.
"Ow."she said frowning and rubbing her cheek.
"Besides I have a dad to do that."
"Dad's" said Cory as he kissed Riley's cheek. "You have two dad's to walk you down the aisle."
"Okay sweet pea were gonna get out there." My Mom said holding my hand. "Everything is going to go perfect. I promise." She said with another hug. "love you baby girl."
"I love you too."
"Okay Katy time to go take our seats."
They left through the door and we followed, but while they went down to through the halls to the chapel I stayed here with my bridal party.
"You ready?" Shawn asked.
"I think so."
I looked around at my bridal party. Riley was getting everyone in their possessions. She was obviously my maid of honour where as my bridesmaids consisted of my two friends Smakle and Vennessa, then Joshua and I's friends Amy and Rachelle. And my younger sister--step sister--Laura. She was Kermit's daughter. It took awhile but we got really close.
I also had a junior brides maids, Ava, Auggies girlfriend who was thirteen. She was currently holding my veil.
I was feeling all jittery, as I counted. Joshua and I had the same amount of people on our bridal party.
He had his best man Joey, after some convincing he also had Lucas, Farkle and Zay. And his two friends Zach and Keith.
Joshua also had a junior groomsman. Auggie of course.
Riley was walking with Joey since the maid of honour and best man walked together.
Lucas was walking with Smackle.
Farkle was walking with Laura.
Vanessa walked with Zay.
Keith walked with Rachelle.
Zach was walking with Amy.
And Ava and Auggie walked together, dropping flowers at the beginning and Auggie had the rings.
"Maya." Cory spoke. "Its time."
We walked down to the chapel and the music started. I walked in Shawn on my right. Cory on my left.
Two fathers.
Kermit had better things to do then show up. But I didn't expect him to walk me down the aisle anyway.
Josh looked stunned as I walked down the aisle.
He smiled at me. His eyes screaming that were finally here. Finally getting married.

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