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Day six: Cory and Shawn talk to Josh

Dad's tell there daughters boyfriends to keep them safe and to treat them well.
They scare them into keeping their promise.
It's scary as hell.
It's two times as scary when theres two father figures.
Especially when you grew up with them being like brothers.

     Maya and her friends went to go see a movie the day after her birthday, and Topanga, Katy and Auggie were working at the café.
     So that left Shawn, Cory and I. I expected it to be a chill day watching tv and hanging out.
     I was wrong. Very wrong.
     I sat on the chair flipping through the channels, when Cory and Shawn sat on the couch beside the chair I sat on.
     They looked at me sternly and I muted the television. "What's up?" I asked sceptically.
     "Listen Josh." Cory said moving forward resting his elbows on his knees. "We need to talk."
     "About what?"
     "About you and Maya." Shawn said sternly.
     "What about us?" I asked confused.
     "Listen Josh we know something is going on between you two."
     "It's hard not to see." Cory piped.
     "Listen Cor, Shawn. I don't know wh-"
     "Stop lying Josh."
     I looked down at my hands. "I don't know what to say."
     "Tell us what's going on between you two." Shawn said again.
     "I like her she likes me theres nothing more to say."
     "Do you actually like her Josh. Because Maya is not some toy to play around with. She precious. And I care a lot about her."
     "Shawn, who do you think I am." I said outraged. "I'm still the same old Joshua you knew."
     "No. Your not. Because now your interested in Maya. "He said. "And she is like a daughter to me."
     "No Josh. You need to hear this." Cory told me. "You and Maya may like each other. But theres a big age differences going on here."
     "Your going to collage Josh." Shawn sighed. "Maya, she's going into high school. "
     I stared at them.
     "You two can't date."
     "At least not now." Cory said. "Josh your my brother I know you, I trust you maybe you two will have a future. In you know the future."
     "I know."
     "I know you two have a connection." Shawn said. "But keep it at that please. I don't want to half to knock your teeth in because I caught you making out with Maya in her room." He said with a chuckle.
     I laughed. "I'm not that kind of guy Shawn." I said truthfully. "I care about Maya. Not just in that way. But as a friend too."
     "And Josh." Cory said. "Don't hurt Maya. Ever. I mean it. If you think its not working then you tell her kindly. And if you want to be with someone else then tell her. She doesn't need to see you flirting with a collage girl and have her heart broken." He told me. "She's like a daughter to me--to the both of us. So don't hurt her. Don't let her get hurt. Be there for her. Please. She's hurting enough she doesn't need more pain."
     "Corey. Shawn. I would never hurt Maya." I said looking at them. "I'll protect her. Like I did yesterday. And I'll be there for her like I was when she told me about her dad. And I'll always be her friend."
     They smiled. "Good."
     "And in the future maybe something more...One day." I said looking back to the television and turning the volume up.
     I'd like to be with her one day, you know after we get a hold on who we are.
     High School is the time when you learn who you are and what your place in the world is.
     I can't just interrupt that. Maya need to grow before were ready.
     I need to grow more.
     One day.
     We'll be together one day. And that will be something beautiful.
     Trust me.
     Were not ready now. No to quick. To sudden.
     Were in it for the long game.
"Oh and Josh." Cory said looking towards me, interrupting my thoughts. "It's Maya isn't it."
Thinking to myself I smiled. Cory smiled big at Shawn.
"We just told him to not date her now and your getting excited because you think she's his one."
"Everyone has a one Shawney." Cory replied. "I get we're supposed to be serious. But he's my little brother can I not be excited that he found his one?!"
"Not while were trying to act like stern father figures of Maya's."
"Shawney. She's his one." He replied.
Shawn nodded. "She's your one."
I opened my mouth to protest but closed it. I looked back at there smirking faces. Shawns cool smirk and Corey's goofy smirk. "Shut up." I joked.
Cor smirked wider at me,"You know it."
"I know." I sighed. She had me good. I couldn't stop thinking about her. I guess she really was my 'one'.
I liked that. I found my 'one.'

I know really short chapter.

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