Birthday Work

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Day 5: Josh finds Maya working at Topanga's

I already knew he cared. That he liked me.
I knew what his lips felt against mine.
And his body pressed against mine.
I could draw him by memory.
And his voice was written in my mind like a tattoo.
I didn't think he could surprise me.
But he did.
When I got into some trouble, he saved me.
Joshua Matthews saved my life.

I haven't seen Josh in a long while. We saw each other last at New Years.
When he kissed me.
     He kissed me.
     Joshua Matthews told me he liked me.
     Then he kissed.
     A midnight kiss from Joshua Matthews.

     Riley freaked.
     Farkle was happy.
     Lucas was both.
     I didn't know what would happen.    We didn't really talk about it.
     We texted almost everyday. Telling each other absolutely everything, but never about the kiss.
     Neither of us tried to bring it up.
     We just left it be.
     But I knew we would half to talk about it. We had to figure out what should happen.
     I didn't think we would see each other any time soon. So I was okay with avoiding it.
     I didn't want to deal with the chance he might change his mind about me.
     And leave.
     I was currently cleaning a table at Topanga's when the door ringed and someone came in.
     I didn't look up, nor did I assume I knew the person.
     Riley was currently telling a costumer the specials and Farkle, Lucas and Zay were at a movie. I thought I would see them all tonight at my party.
     So I just focused on getting the table clean from grime.
     Them strong gentle hand covered my eyes. In shock I tensed up and dropped the cloth.
"Lucas?" I asked slightly confused and scared.
     The person scoffed and took their hands off my face. "I'm a little bit insulted." Said the person as I turned.
     My heart skipped. "Josh!" I threw my arms over his shoulders and hugged him tightly. He wrapped his arms around my waist and buried his face in my hair.
"I missed you." He said, his voice muffled by my hair.
"And I missed you." I said breaking away from the hug. "How are you? I thought you had to study, you know with your exams coming up."
"Ill be okay. I know enough in." He said. "But you mattered more. It is your birthday."
"Yes. Yes it is." I smiled bright.
"Hey whats this." He said looking down at my uniform.
"Riley convinced me it would be a good idea to get jobs."
"It is." He agreed.
"You think." I didn't really realize but we were holding hands, staring at each other and holding hands. His touch sent electricity through my body.
"Yeah." He smiled. "But on your birthday."
"Yeah. Mum need extra help today."
"Thats nice of you."
"It is." I smirked. "How's your job going?"
"Oh it's going." He chuckled. "My dad keeps hassling me about not knowing the different between a bass and salmon."
     I laughed. "Whats the difference?"
     He laughed while saying "That's what I'm trying to figure out."
"They're two different kind of fish."
"I know that."
"Ugh learning things. It hurts my brain." I said jokingly clutching my forehead.
     He laughed as I walked back to the edge of the table and grabbed the cloth.
"So, since your here I think we should talk?" I asked as I finished scrubbing the table.
     He sat down. And I sat in front of him. He gave me a confused expression. "About what?"
"New years. Midnight. Kiss." I stated simply.
     Josh opened his mouth to say something but my mom came by and dropped a piece of pie between us with two forks. "Hi! I'm Katy. Maya's mom." She said smiling big.
     Josh shook her hand and smiled back. "Hi I'm Joshua. Riley's uncle."
"I know who you are, silly. You went with Maya and the Matthews to that trip Shawn took them on and you're the guy who has been there for her." She said slowly.
"Yeah." He laughed. "Thats me. I've heard wonderful things about you as well. Maya sure does look up to you."
     My mom looked down at me with a big old smile. "She's a great kid."
"I know, I think so too."
"Anyways, just thought you two would enjoy a nice piece of blueberry pie." She stated cheerfully. "Maya you can have a break to catch up. If you two need anything I'll be over there." She said pointing to the cash register. "Or Riley will be waiting and cleaning." We looked at Riley that was starring ar us sceptically.
"Thanks mom."
"No problem kid." She said as she walked away.
"She seems nice."
"Yeah." I said with a smile. "Shes awesome."
"So as you were saying."
"Oh yeah!" I said. "I think we need to talk about whats going to happen between us."
"We can just stay the way we are."
"Yeah. We obviously can't date at this point in time."
"No. Your right. Your fifteen and I'm eighteen in February."
"It just wouldn't work at this point in time."
"Maybe in the future."
"Yes. But what if you start liking or dating some other girl or I start liking or dating some other guys?"
"Then we'll be jealous. But we'll know we can't do us. At the moment."
"I guess well half to see." I said looking down at my hands.
"Look Maya I got you a present."
"Oh Josh you didn't half to do that." I said as he put two box's on the table.
"Think of it as me missing every birthday and Christmas."
"Well in that case this is a little pathetic don't you think?" I joked.
He looked at me weirdly then chuckled to himself. A grin plastered on his face, matching my own.
"Okay open them up." He said. I reached over and took them. Grinning at Josh I removed the wrapping paper from the first long box. I looked at him sceptically as I read the box. "I know. It's a little cheesy. Riley helped me pick it out."
"11 things I love about you." I said smirking. "Whats this?"
"Open it up."
     I opened the red box and revealed eleven red pencils with gold writing on each pencil.
     I looked back up at Josh who had a slight blush creeping onto his face.
     I picked up a pencil and red what it red.
'Your passion for art.'
     I picked each pencil up and red what each said.
'Your bright smile.'
'Your constant sarcasm.'
'Your secret love for learning.'
'Your taste in music.'
'Your goofy laugh.'
'Your rebellious nature.'
'Your strength.'
'Your selflessness and hope.'
'Your lips against mine.'
'Your in it for the long game.'

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