Girls like girls

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Based off the music video

Riley was riding back to her house with bruises above her left eyebrow and her above her left cheek,  she also has a busted lip. The memories replay in her head.

[.... ]
Riley knocked on Maya's door and the door soon swung open showing Maya with a big smile on her face. Maya gives Riley a big hug and Riley smiles. After they release Lucas wraps his arm around Riley's neck and walking with her using his other hand to make a fist and rub it across her forehead. Riley then puts her backpack in Maya's bedroom and walks into the kitchen. When she does she sees Maya sitting on the counter inhaling a cigarette. Lucas is leaning onto the counter and Riley walks up to Maya and jumps onto the counter. Maya blows the smoke in her face while Riley smiles. Maya then puts it in between the brunette's lips and Riley smokes it. They use the counter as a ashtray and Riley looks over at Lucas who is drinking a beer.  She then looks back at Maya.

  Maya was swaying her hips back and forth while Riley watched. Lucas was hitting baseballs to who knows where and on the floor you could see baseballs and beer bottles. Maya had a flag cover jacket and she raised it while she was still dancing.

Maya and Riley were getting dressed. Maya took off her jacket that was tied around her waist and her shirt, she didn't have on a bra but she was facing the wall. Riley glanced at her backside from the mirror and glanced over her shoulder. She then turned back around and took off her shirt. Riley then best down to get her shirt and  Maya then turned around tying up her pink shirt and looked at Riley. Riley looked over at her and Maya smiled and looked down, Riley then looked back.

They were in the pool when Riley spit water in Maya's way and Maya smiled. Lucas then cannonballed and then Maya was in the pool on Lucas's back.  Riley just sat there awkwardly feeling some weird feeling in her stomach. They eventually got out and Lucas was in a lawn chair while the two were sitting on the concrete. Lucas looked over and got up walking inside the house.

Riley was painting Maya's nails and Maya could help but stare. She looked at every detail Riley had. Maya then put lipstick on Riley. That gave Maya a perfect chance to look at her kissable lips. Maya then looked at Riley's eyes. Her beautiful brown eyes.

Riley was sitting on the couch while people around her were talking about whatever they are while Lucas was smoking a cigarette. Riley looked around at everyone doing it,  slowly killing themselves. She was glad she quit. Maya and Riley were then laying on the couch talking when Lucas grabbed Maya by the arm and pulled her close trying to get her to dance. Riley looked uncomfortable and all Maya did was look at Riley she eventually looked at Lucas and pushed him off. She then sat back down with Riley and Riley drank the mysterious drink in her red cup. Riley eventually got up and walked through the familiar hallway.  She looked at all the pictures on the wall in 'Rileytown' as Maya called it. She was looking for Maya everywhere but she eventually ended up in the living room to a passed out Lucas. She walked outside to Maya with her feet in the pool and she sat beside her. Maya glanced at her then back at a pool. Maya then leaned her head on Riley's back. She raises her head slowly and looks at Riley.  They both lean in and as soon as they were about to kiss... Lucas pushes Riley making her hit her head on the stones.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!  WITH HER OUT OF EVERYONE!?! WHAT ARE YOU A DYKE NOW!?!" He continues to yell. Riley tries to recover.

"YOU FUCKING —" He got cut off by Riley hitting him with a rock. He falls face down and Riley gets on top of him and hits him. She continues to do that until Maya picks her up. Maya looks at her and leans in. Riley closes the gap and kisses her. They both felt sparks and they both knew what was this strange feelings they have been feeling all day. 

Riley continues to ride, smiling at the earlier memory. On her way to go to her house and get her stuff,  to go back to Maya's.  

I want to start this off with one of my favorite songs. I hope you guys like it!  Don't forget to vote, comment,  add to your library, and tell your friends. I take requests.

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