Chapter Thirty-Eight

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"Please, Dallas?" Evan begged me as we sat at the kitchen table.

I furiously shook my head. "No, Evan. Just shut up and answer the question." I replied. Finals were this upcoming week and Evan has been coming over to study with Austin and I. For the past few minutes Evan has been begging me to give him all the answers instead of making him learn the material.

"Why not?" He whined like a small child.

"Because you big baby," I started. "You need to learn this stuff. When you're in college no one is gonna give you the answers. You're gonna have to figure it out yourself." I got up from the table and left a pouting Evan at the table.

I walked out of the kitchen, grabbing Austin's keys on the way. "Thanks for letting me borrow the truck. I'll be back in a little bit." I thanked Austin who was sitting on the couch.

I climbed into Austin's truck and drove off. Shane and Cole both played baseball and had asked me to come to their game. It was their last home game as seniors and had practically begged me to go since the beginning of the week. Of course I was nervous to go because I'm sure Jason would be there, but I had to remind myself that I wasn't there for him.

A short time later I pulled into the school parking lot and shut off the truck. I hopped out the truck, adjusted my denim shorts and walked towards the baseball field. My flip flops smacked against the ground as I followed the crowd to the field. The distant sound of baseballs being hit met my ears as I got closer.

Eventually the field came into view. I saw Shane and Cole standing on the other side of the fence by their dugout and started walking over to them.

"Shane! Cole!" I yelled as I got closer. They both turned around and Shane was the first one off the field.

"Dallas! I missed you!" Shane declared and picked me up in a tight hug and began to swing me around.

"I missed you too, Shane." I chuckled and patted his back. "Put me down I'm getting dizzy."

Shane finally put me down and I turned to Cole. He gave me a quick hug and he gave me a quick once over before nodding his head.

"Wow, I love the hair." Shane said and wolf whistled.

"Thanks." I blushed.

"It looks good on you." Cole stated which caught both Shane and I by surprise. "Yes, I'm capable of giving Dallas compliments." He rolled his green eyes.

"That's a shock. I don't wanna hold you guys up from practicing. I'll try to get a seat up front. Good luck, guys." I gave them each a quick hug and went to find a seat.

Luckily I found a seat at the very front near Shane and Cole's dugout and made myself comfortable for the long game. While waiting for the game to start I started playing on my phone to keep myself occupied.

"Excuse me, is this seat taken?" Someone asked.

"No, you're go-" I looked up and my sentence trailed off. Just my luck. Of course it would be Jason asking if the seat next to me was available.

"Dallas?" He asked in shock.


"Wow. You look great." He said.

"Thanks." I politely answered and went back to playing on my phone.

I felt the bench shift as Jason sat down next to me. You could practically cut the tension between us. "What are you doing here?" He asked.

"Shane and Cole invited me." I answered without looking up. I didn't wanna look up out of fear.

"They did?" He asked in shock.

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