Chapter Ten

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“Kellin, come back!” I called after his retreating form. He just shook his head and kept walking to our room, closing the door behind him. I ran into it and started knocking on it. “Come on, baby!”

I could hear him sobbing violently. “Just g-o aw-ay!” he yelled.He hiccuped, and I heard something smash. I panicked immediately, trying to open the door.

“Kellin! Let me in, please,” I pleaded, jiggling the door knob. “Why? So you can tell me that everything is going to be alright? Because it’s not, Vic! It’s never going to be okay!”

I shook my head. “It will be, babe! I swear it will be! I’ll hurt them if they do it again!” Hell, I’ll hurt them now.

There were these jocks at school. Five of them were gay, four of them were not. Well, since Kellin is definately the most softhearted of the two of us, they decided to get him in a headlock. I tried to help him, but the jock that has been hitting on me for years-Josh, I think his name was- caught me and crushed his lips to mine.

I was struggling to get away, hearing Kellin cry. It didn’t feel right, this..jerk’s lips against mine. I wanted Kellin. I heard punches being thrown and I finally lost it, throwing my knee up into the guy’s groin. He groaned, immediately letting me go. The other guys caught me as I tried to help Kellin, who was getting kicked on the floor.

They had been at us all week, and this was the breaking point, apparently.

Kellin curled into a ball, hiding his head. I struggled against the three guys holding me back, but I was unable to get free. Finally, Mike, Jaime, and Tony stepped in, getting the guys off of Kellin. The stupid jocks let me go, and I was ready to hit them when I heard retreating footsteps. I turned to see Kellin running home…

And now we’re here.

“Kellin, just let me in,” I said softly. “We’ll be okay. One of these days, everything will be alright. I promise.”

There was a sniffle and a pause before I heard the door unlock. I opened it immediately, seeing his smashed lamp on the floor. “Sorry,” he mumbled, running a hand through his hair. His eyes were red, but at least the tears stopped.

“Aw, Kellin…” I whispered as I stepped forward, touching his face gently. He let out a small sob, gripping my biceps.

“Vic, I-I just can’t do it anymore,” he whispered. “I just can’t.”

“Don’t say that, sweetheart,” I said. “You’ll be alright.” He shook his head an I sighed. “What do you want me to do, baby? I’ll do anything to make it better.”

“Make love to me,” he whispered. I froze in shock. “You want me to what?” I asked. He pulled back to look at me.

“Make love to me, Vic. I’m ready, I swear.” “Are you sure?” I whispered through unmoving lips. He nodded. “I’m sure. Please.”

I took a deep breath before pressing my lips to his, my eyes slipping closed. He immediately kissed me back, pulling gently on the ends of my hair. I placed my hands on his hips and tugged him closer, suddenly wanting this as much as him.

I gently laud him on my bed, hovering over him as I kissed him softly. He surprised the hell out of me by grabbing my hips and pullling my body down over his. I realized he was trying to take control and my dominant side didn’t want to let that happen.

I slipped my tongue into his mouth, and he released a tiny moan. I grinned a little and reached down to palm hiim through his jeans. He let out another soft moan and I squeezed him. He gasped, effectively breaking the kiss.

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