Opposites Attract

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Opposites Attract

By: Stephen Than

Sarah's heart stopped as her eyes sat upon the stunning guy that had walked into the room. Everything in her told her that he was perfect for her and that any flaw that he might have had made him all the more perfect. Nothing mattered more to her than to get to know that mysterious boy with longish black hair that slightly covered his piercing blue eyes that seemed to be able to see into your soul. His skin was pale, close to being albino. His lips were a full pale pink that seemed to be screaming, "kiss me".

Sarah was the type of girl that any parent would be proud to have as a daughter. She was an outstanding student who studied competitively against herself, was on the principal's honor roll, on the debate team, and helped her school win the academic decathlon.

Everyone believed Sarah to be the girl that anyone would be lucky to have as a girlfriend, but what they didn't know was that Sarah was secretly attracted to the "dark side". She loved the image of black hair, black and red clothes, and the dark aura that seemed to float with certain people that she saw around campus. The boy she saw at the front of the class interested her instantly and she listened attentively for his voice and watched to take in his attractive slender frame. He was her type exactly.

"Class, this is Alexander." Mrs. Steelburg, the Algebra 2, looked around the class for an empty seat. When her eyes landed on Sarah, she grinned a knowing smile and said, "Take the available seat next to Sarah. Sarah raise your hand." She raised her hand reluctantly and he brought his backpack over to her, now their, desk. When he sat down she tensed slightly, unsure of what to do.

"Hi, I'm Alex." She looked to her left, not realizing that he had been trying to get her attention for the last few seconds. His voice sounded tired and rough as though he had been a major smoker for years, maybe he had been. He held his long slender hand out for a handshake. She stared at it as though she had no idea of what to do next. When she gathered her wit she shook his hand saying, "Sarah Williamson." Alex smiled and she nearly passed out with how beautiful and charming he looked with his slight dimples and perfect white teeth, which killed her thought of his possibly being a smoker. His lip was pierced with snake bites and she thought about how she loved a guy with lip piercing and became increasingly infatuated with him.

The bell rang and she began collecting her stuff to move onto the next class. "Can you help me find my next class?" She looked back at Alex and blushed. She couldn't help her reaction to him.

"Sure. What room?" Alexander looked at his schedule.

"D207." That was her next class, AP Literature.

"That's my next class. I'll show you there." Sarah took Alexander to their next class and progressed with her day. It seemed that fate had pushed him to her, for he had ever class together with her and was placed to sit next to her. She blushed when they accidentally touched picking up her dropped pencil.

Sarah went home with thought of the new boy. She couldn't stop thinking about him, not even during her studies. She constantly got distracted with thoughts of his silk-like hair, icy blue eyes, a smile that could charm the world, and a voice that haunted her to the point where she couldn't focus on anything but more mental images of him and his wicked charm.

The next day Sarah sat in her usual spot at lunch and waited as her friend, Samantha, came to sit next to her. "Hey Sam! Are you feeling better? You took a big fall during soccer yesterday. Is your head okay? I was so scared when the ball hit you."

"Yeah, I'm fine. I have a slight headache, but other than that I'm okay. So what did I miss yesterday, after I went home?"

"I think I might have a crush on a guy..." Sarah mumbled quietly.

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