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Pen Your Pride

I sat there waiting. . .

it was around 9:35 pm at night, My mom and brother were on my left and my best-friend was on my right, I hung my head low looking at the cold white, solid floor listening to my surroundings.

The only sound you could hear was nurses talking about going home early, and blah blah blah. Doctors coming in and out of rooms with their clipboards and pointy pens, my legs were shaking by now and my  nervousness reached a whole new level.

My mom placed her warm hand on my leg and gave me a small smile, I smiled back at her and looked up. When I see the doctor who attended me I imminently shot up from my seat and rushed over with questions he couldn't even answer yet.

"Juliana, let the poor man talk." my brother Joey stood by me, I shot him a glare which he gladly returned with a grin.

"Its Positive Juliana."

my eyes widen.

"Your pregnant. . ."

I looked down at my belly and wrapped my arms around it with tears coming down slowly, one by one. I looked up and smiled. My mom was covering her mouth and smiling and my brother was hugging "Molly" my best-friend. My eyes went back down to my stomach as my smile grew wider.

There's a little person inside me, and his father left. . . forever.

Those were the last things that roamed my mind "that" night. And than 3 years passed.

July 14th, 2013 . . . . . . . .


Okay so I know the first chapter wasn't as exciting, but its getting there don't worry and Big thanks for those who clicked this story and decided to give it a try :) Good Night XxSmile

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