Harry's large hand slowly reached around to the back of Niall's neck, his fingertips grazing across Niall's soft, milky white skin and leaving goosebumps as a mark of his fingertips presence there. Niall gave a shiver as he leaned forward with a cunning smile, before their lips locked together. Harry's back was pressed against the arm of the sofa, as he brought the older boy into his body. Of course, Niall went willingly. His hands slowly wrapped lazily around Harry's neck, as his body relaxed on top of Harry's.

Harry sucked on Niall's bottom lip, as he blissfully fell into the feeling of Niall Horan. His lips were so perfect, and always had Harry coming back for them, no matter what. Niall's hands slowly moved so that they were now on either side of Harry's head, before the Irish boy slowly brought his body up so that his torso dragged across Harry's. Niall's movement caused Harry's top to ride up, not that the man cared, he was too lost in the feeling of Niall's crotch slowly dragging across the bottom of his torso. Niall's tongue slipped into Harry's mouth, as the Irish boy decided that he would be the dominant for once.

Niall's desire to be dominant was soon pushed to one side, as Harry moved his head up a little to deepen the kiss. Niall frowned a little when he realised that Harry was trying to turn the tables, and so he thrusted his hips up Harry's body once more. A rumble of pleasure came from Harry's lips, which caused Niall to smirk into the kiss. Again, the triumphant smirk that was on Niall's lips which was made by the thought that he was in control of his boyfriend didn't last long.

Niall once again repeated the action, pushing his hips against Harry's slower than before. The material of Niall's chinos moved slowly over Harry's happy trail, causing Harry to now burst into shivers, his large hands quickly trailing down Niall's body until they were on his lower back. Harry's hands ducked underneath Niall's T-shirt so that they felt the boy's skin once again, and he pushed Niall back down onto his hips and held him there.

Harry's emerald eyes opened slowly, and he looked up at Niall's face to be met with a pair of blue eyes staring down at him. Niall frowned a little once again due to the possessive grip that Harry's large hands had on the boy's hips, but this only made a low chuckle emit from the curly haired man's throat. Harry's teeth slowly dragged along Niall's bottom lip, before he pushed his hips up in a rough movement, which caused his manhood to rub against Niall's own. The Irish boy's eyes fluttered closed from Harry's rough movements, and his mouth dropped into a perfect little 'o' shape, as his hands fell lazily once more around Harry's neck. Harry leaned his head forward and closed the small gap between him and his lover's neck. His lips sucked on the soft skin of Niall's neck, a firm smirk still ironed onto Harry's perfect pink lips.

"Don't try and get dominant with me, Horan." Harry's low voice came, rumbling out from the bottom of his throat. His fingertips slowly dug into Niall's hips as they slowly forced them back down to make contact with his own.

"It won't work." Harry finished, before he thrusted up once more, grinding his manhood against Niall's, as he held the older boy in place. Niall let out a shaken gasp, and his forehead fell against Harry's. The low vibrations of Harry's voice had started to set that familiar feeling off in the pit of Niall's stomach, and he knew that he was in for a hell of a ride.

Harry looked up at the boy with a firm smirk, before he leaned up and captured Niall's lips into his once again. Niall's tongue quickly found it's way back into Harry's mouth. Their lips crashed together, reflecting on the pure desire that was starting to rise up slowly for the boys. Harry's firm grip on Niall's hips loosened, and he curled his middle fingers around the hem of Niall's loose shirt, before he slowly started to trail his fingertips up Niall's sides. As Harry's long fingers slowly dragged Niall's shirt up, Niall's back arched into the movement, his hands quickly finding their way into Harry's fluffy hair. Harry's fingers stopped when they had pulled the shirt over most of Niall's torso, and was now at his armpits. The loss of Harry's rough fingertips trailing up his sides made Niall let out a small whimper into Harry's mouth. He tugged on Harry's curls, as a sign for Harry to do it again.

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