First Kiss (Preference)

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Joffrey Baratheon: Just like everything else Joffrey did, your kiss was dominated completely by him. You were walking away from him after dinner one evening and he pulled you close to him by your waist and kissed you hard. And for some reason you liked the power.

Jamie Lannister: Jamie and your's first kiss wasn't anything special. You had only known him a few minutes and thought it would only be proper to bestow a kiss upon your knight in shining armor.

Khal Drogo: Your first kiss was quick and without passion. But it did not define your love like many others first kisses. It was only a preview. A hint even, of how much he will love you in every way. You were his Khalessi and he was your sun and stars.

Viserys Targaryen: Your first kiss was almost bought and paid for. He bribed you when you were cleaning his chambers for him and you gave in after much persuasion.

Jojen Reed: Your first kiss was an accident at first but till this day neither of you regret your first kiss. You were only playing and you slipped on a branch and actually fell on him. Staring into each others eyes you both moved to kiss each other at the same time but still it was the best kiss you and Jojen ever shared.

Jonsnow: Your first kiss was passionate but still you had to start it off because him being a crow only you could convince him to break his vows and kiss you. But once you started him off he wouldn't stop and would kiss you often and always passionate.

Robb Stark: Your first kiss wasn't actually until the day of your wedding considering you were arranged to be wed. But it still was a passionate kiss and sparked something inside you maybe even love.

Bran Stark: Your kiss was a true meant kiss after always being close since you were little you both discovered feelings for each other when you were 14. Of course that sparked your first kiss which was only quick and shy but you kissed longer and more passionate every time after that.

Tommen Baratheon: He kissed you a few days after your engagement was arranged he shocked you with the kiss which was a bit strong and forceful but soon you got used to it and he calmed down with his kisses.

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