Chapter 15

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Sorry 4 taking do long to put up the next chapter my app kept kicking me out every time I tried getting on then i tried logging in and doing the chapter online but i do this on my ipod so it kept messing me up anyways long story short stupid update messed it up, but I tried updating again thinking hell it's already messed up as it is but I had to wait a month just to do that so I was finally able 2 and it actually fixed it.

~~~~~~~~~MARY'S POV~~~~~~~~

When we walked in I felt like laughing seriously of all people from my old High school I didn't expect to see Kelly to still be skinny. I mean she was one of those people who got around and I mean has a boyfriend, but still goes and flirts with other guys sometime even does more than flirt, than brags about the three boyfriends she has.

Anyways She was on the floor wet, Sydney was above her holding a vase, and Adrian was on top of Kelly. "Jake I think I sprained my ankle," she faked sniffled "all I was trying to do was get some breakfast, but he suddenly grabbed and started calling me horrible names and tried to get away, but he pushed me down and then before he could do anything SHE came and poured water on me thinking I tried something."

"You are such a b*tch! You came on to him and when he refused you're offer of free crabs you pulled him down for a sloppy *ss kiss, but ended up tripping over your clumsy *ss feet and pulled him down with you." Sydney sneered

"Who are you going to believe jake some b*tch who is jealous of my beauty or a member from YOUR OWN pack?" Kelly asked

"What are you a ten year old wait never mind that would be an insult because even a ten year old can come up with a better excuse and please I could take you to a carnival and people would mistake you for aclown."Sydney sneered

Adrian got up shaking his head looking directly at jake and laughed out "Thank goddess my mate isn't in this pack because there would be a chance that she is a whore like most of your pack females."

Jake tackled Adrian to the floor and punched him although it would have hurt any other wolf Adrian was my beta and had trained often so it didn't do much. He flipped jake over and punched him hard enough that his nose broke.

I walked into the kitchen knowing someone had to be the adult. I filled a jug up with hot water and walked back to where they were fighting and poured it on both of them. The screamed like girls and moved away from each other.

Kelly had left during the fight and Sydney was laughing her *ss off

"What the hell!"jakes growled

"Look someone had to be the adult in the situation and..." I was cut off by jake who yelled

throwing his hands in the air "so you poured HOT water on us?!"

"Not everyone has the same method and mine clearly worked fine since I was able to separate the two of you. Anyways since you guys want to act like kids you can both get a punishment and I will talk to my beta who was out of line when he expressed his opinion rudely." I said glaring at them

"Whatever! I don't have to put up with your bullsh*t I'm the alpha here!" Jake growled out right before he stomped off

** ****2 HOURS LATER**** **

They had given me a room and I had finally unpacked and was now just roaming the halls.

Everything was the same beside the fact everything was dusty and looked like they hadn't clean in a while, but then again I'm a neat freak so there clean may not be my kind of clean. I was heading down stairs when I came upon the most magical thing I had ever seen I could just here the angels singing as I lifted my hand and...

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