Chapter 6 *edited*

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~Alyssa's POV~

 It felt strange telling these strangers about myself. Nobody but the pack knew about my power until now. My whole life had always been this huge secret, and now it wasn't. There were so many mixed emotions in the room, my head began to hurt and I sat down. Between their feelings and their thoughts, I was pretty sure my head was going to explode.

 'Her power is astonishing!' Jasper thought.

 'The poor child looks so uncomfortable!' Esme sympathized.

 Edward's 'voice' rang out frustratedly, 'I wish I could just read her thoughts!' That made me laugh, seeing as I could read his. Sucker.

 'She is so cute! She kind of reminds me of myself when I was young. Only I was prettier.' Rosalie pondered. I wonder if it's possible to break a vampire's nose? Maybe I should try.

 'I know that we will be great friends! Maybe even sisters!' Alice thought.

 I sent a wave of calmness through the room when the emotions became too much for me to handle. Everyone naturally looked to Jasper, who shook his head. Then all eyes were on me.

 "That's awesome!" Emmett grinned. Wow, first he's pinning me to a wall and trying to kill me, then next thing I know, he thinks I'm awesome. Mood swings, much?

 All of the sudden, my sight was replaced by a vision. A vision of the future.

 *Vision Starts*

 "You can't have Renesmee, Aro!" Edward growled.

 "Oh, Edward, we do not want your Renesmee. Somebody else has peaked our interest, actually. We want young Alyssa to join us." Aro replied in a fakely-kind tone. "Her gift is rather remarkable. She will fit in with us magnificently."

 Alyssa backed up into Jasper, who put his hands on her shoulders.

 "I'm sorry, Aro, but she is part of this family now and we are not going to hand her over."

 "I'm afraid you do not have a say in this, my dear friend. What the Volturi want, we will get. Felix, get the child."

 A large vampire smiled dangerously and started walking over to the youngest Cullen. Alice and Jasper stepped in front of her and got into protective crouches.

 A man with long black hair and red eyes walked over beside Aro.

 "I can't read minds." Edward said, his eyebrows furrowing together in confusion.

 "Ah, yes. Meet the newest member of the Volturi. This is Torin. He is a gift blocker. When you are in his presence, he can make your powers disappear as if you never had any in the first place. Alec, blind them."

 Everyone, including the wolves, went deaf and blind. Everyone except Alyssa, who was not affected by Torin or Alec.

 Felix walked over to Jasper and smiled sickly.

 "The Cullens tried to defy the Volturi. What shall become of them?" Jane asked.

 "Sadly, we must kill them. As everybody knows, it is against the rules to defy the Volturi." Aro sighed, sadly. "Goodbye, old friends."

 *Vision Ends*

 As my sight returned, I screamed, "No!" and fell to my hands and knees. The Cullens were going to die helping me! I put them in danger...not only did I feel awful, but now Jake was going to kill me for sure.

 Alice and Jasper ran over and helped me up. I sat on a nearby couch and thought about what to do. Damn it, Alice. Letting me steal your powers and make my life more complicated like that was just cold. Even for a vampire.

 "What's wrong?" Jasper asked, sitting next to me on the couch. I was about to answer him, but then I realized that I was hyperventilating. I remembered that I had Renesme's power, and put my hands on Alice and Jasper's faces, showing them my vision. When I was done, Alice put her arms around me, causing me to immediately stiffen. Hugs weren't something I was used to exactly. There wasn't too much affection growing up in a pack of werewolf boys. I soon relaxed in her arms and tried to calm down.

 How the hell were they not freaking out right now? They are all going to die. And it's completely my fault! Why don't they want to rip my head off right now?!

 Jasper patted my shoulder comfortingly and leaned back, thinking about what to do. I noticed everyone else's interest in what was going on, so I squeezed my hand out from underneath Alice's hug. If they wanted to find out, they could see for themselves.

 Bella was the first to reach out and touch my fingers. She reacted a little more like a sane person, and got a worried expression, but she tried comforting me anyway. Rosalie was next, then Esme, Emmett, Carlisle, and so on and so forth, until everyone has seen. I was getting tired of holding my arm up.

 The fact that they weren't angry was frustrating me. I'm angry at myself, why aren't they? I swear, everyone I ever associate myself with ends up in danger. If it wasn't enough that my parents were killed, now the Cullens and the wolves were going to die. Thank you, Universe. You make me feel like crap.

 "I'm so sorry. I should just leave. I didn't mean to put any of you in danger. This is all my fault." I began to tearlessly sob, burying my face in my one hand that wasn't trapped under Alice's hug.

 "Everything will be fine, Alyssa." Esme soothed.

 "No, it won't!" I argued. "I don't want you guys to get hurt because of me! Maybe I should just turn myself into the Volturi, so no one else has to die."

 "This is not your fault. The Volturi would come for Renesmee or something again and we would just have to deal with it. I would be honored if you joined our little family. I think I speak for everyone here when I say that I think you would fit in spectacularly in this house."

 "About an hour ago, you all were ready to kill me if I didn't answer a question. Now, you are inviting me into your family. I swear, you vampires' minds change more frequently than Jake has to buy new shirts." I joked.

 "Welcome to the family, Little Sis." Alice smiled.

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