65. Errands

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Exhausted from the night before, I don't even remember falling asleep. My heavy eyelids blocked my vision. I opened my eyes as much as I could. Red numbers were presented as my first sight. They read 12:37pm. I groaned and turned over.

Justin was gone. I pulled myself to sit up, but my sore body didn't make it easy. 

"Damn." I mumbled. 

"Justin?" I called. No answer. I wrapped a sheet around my body and rose from the bed. I grabbed the headboard for support.

I crept over to the bathroom to take a shower. After I was finished washing, brushing my teeth and all that. I leaned against the shower wall as the calming water flowed over my achy body. I closed my eyes and remember every second of the dominating night. I yawned as my stomach growled, begging for fulfillment.

I got out the shower, got dress, and changed the sheets. A sweet aroma invaded my nose, so I followed it. The smell led me to the kitchen and to my boyfriend. I crept up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist.

"Good morn- I mean afternoon, baby." I kissed the back of his neck. 

"Hey, babe." He turned to face me and kissed my cheek. 

"You're cooking?" 


"For me?" I smiled. 

"Who else would I be cooking for?" 

"Za." I rose an eyebrow. He laughed and continued cooking. "Do you need any help?" 

"No, I got it. Let me do this for you." 

"But you did enough for me last night." I smiled. 

"Speaking of last night..." I waited for him to continued. "How are you walking?" He winked. 

"I'm a dancer. I have strong legs, but I'm sore." I smirked. 

"You slept for the longest. I guess you had time to recover." 

"I don't even remember falling asleep." I confessed.

"I rolled off you for 10 seconds. I turned around to see if you were ready for round 2, but you were already gone. You can't keep up with me baby." Justin shook his head.

"I tried." I bit the inside of my cheek. 

"You were amazing last night, sweetheart." He kissed my lips. 

"I want to be better tonight." I bit my bottom lip. 

"So soon? Thought you said you were sore?" 

"Oh well." I smiled.

Hours later, I needed to take care of my phone situation. I ran up the stairs to get it. I grabbed it from the nightstand when I noticed a dent in the wall. The backboard was to blame. 

"Wow." I placed my finger over it.

I changed my attention to my phone. Several texts and calls from Orlando. I dialed Scott's number.

"Hey Scott, how's it going?"

"Hey Ri, I'm great, how are you?

"I'm wonderful. Never been better. I was wondering if I could stop by and pick up my car."

"Of course. Stop by anytime, I'll be here. You can catch me up and tell me what's going on in your wonderful life."

"Me: I'll be over in a little while."

"Ok, doll."

I shoved my phone in my pocket and went back downstairs. Justin was putting on his shoes. 

"Where are you going?" 

"To the studio, wanna come?"

"I have a few errands to run, but I'll try to finish fast. Can you take me by Scott's house so I can get my car?" 

"Sure, let's go." He led the way to the door.

A few minutes later, we arrived at Scott's place. 

"I'll see you in about an hour." 

"No rush." 

"Love you." I kissed. He kissed me back.

"I love you too." 

I got out the car and waved as Justin pulled off. He honked the horn. I skipped over to my car and hugged it.

"I see you missed your baby." A voice broke my moment. 

"I miss you too, Scott. Don't worry." I hugged him. 

"I miss you too kid. Dating Bieber? When all that happen?" He grinned. 

"A few months ago." I shyly smiled.

"You're glowing. You seem so happy." 

"I have no reason to frown. I've been on cloud 9 these past few months and you're the person to thank for that." I praised.

"No, you went out and pursued your dreams. I'm just the cheerleader." 

"I couldn't have done this without you. You're the one person that truly believed in me and had my back."

"Awww doll." Scott hugged me again. "I'm so proud of you. You turned out to be such a trooper. I love you so much." He rubbed my back. 

"I love you too, Scottie."

"You're like a new person. More confident, guard down. Love can do that to you. Bieber is really good for you." 

"He's my everything." 

"Wow. Never heard those words leave your mouth before." 

"I have a new outlook on things now. He's really opened my eyes."

"That's awesome. So, where are you off to?" 

"Gotta change my number." I rolled my eyes. 

"Why?" "Orlando. He knows I'm home and he's been blowing me up. Justin hates his guts. I gotta take care of this."

"He was over here earlier." 

"Looking for me?" I narrowed my eyes. 

"Yes. He really wants to see you." 

"I don't want to have anything to do with him, so don't give him any of my contact info." I wiggled my finger.

"Trust me, I won't. He's dating April now." 

"Erm.. Yea. He was cheating on me with her. So, I'm not surprised. Just hope he doesn't beat her." 

"He uses to hit you?!" 

"Yeah..." I moved my hair out my face.

"I'll kick his ass next time I see him. I knew him and Justin fought, but I didn't know it was because he hit you." 

"No don't, that's the past. I don't live there anymore." 

"I'm happy you've moved on." 

"Me too." I smiled. My phone rang, I looked down and saw it was Orlando.

"I need to go take care of this. I'll see you later." I kissed Scott's cheek and walked to the driver's side of my car. 

"Be safe!" Scott shouted. 

"I will!" I waved and pulled out the driveway.

After about 20 minutes in Verizon, I finally got my number changed. I scrolled over to Starbucks for a tea. I walked out of the shop, leaned against the wall and took in the LA air. There were minimal paps around. They were chasing more important people.

I called Justin and told him I was on my way. I was strutting back to my car when I heard, 

"Long time, no see Marissa." I tightly closed my eyes as the devastating, familiar voice rang my ears. I turned around, revealing my ex, Orlando.

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