Chapter Twenty-Six» A Broken Vow

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A haunting silence fell against the eerie quiet hallways. The air around us almost stifling. Words had seemed to wash away, unable to defend itself against the accuser as I staggered backwards, seeing something flash within his eyes.

Bewildered at the man's confession, my hands pushed his hard chest backwards, seeing him move at his will. Like a king snatched off from his crown, seeing his kingdom crumble to the ground, the man looked up at me. His charcoal eyes resembling the pits of darkness itched in one's soul.

He resembled a dark angel standing in the shadows. The faint light swarming across his face, revealing his features little by little, as though he was a sinner casted away to banishment.

Unable to look at him any longer.  I found myself striding down the hallway, wanting to get away from the man. Wanting to erase the image of him from my mind. The way he took a step backwards, his broad shoulder flexing a little. The way those charcoal eyes ignited with fire, flickering at me. Looking for something, looking for forgotten answers.

Everything was twisting and turning that night. The unsettling howl of the wind, whistling in each corner. As though it had been commanded to bestow a message across, to spread the tale of a man whom had lost his kingdom for a sin.

A distant light shined across the glass windows, leading a traveller home. The only source that remained was the moonlight, the twilight twinkling brightly hiding the pain away with light yet, how blind will a man be till he realises he is broken, that his will has ceased away and there remains nothing in him but a soul and a beating heart, forced to breath but never given the freedom of living.

The familiar maroon door came in to view, the very door I had passed through all my life with different story, with different years. How impeccable life is, offering the world to you in one hand yet snatching the happiness from the other.

The haven I had caged myself in, hiding from the world now remained an inch away, but how long was I to hide for; till reality dragged me back on to the darkness. The tunes of fate  gripping against my soul, making it dance against its will.

Like a teapot brewing with heat, I found my insides twisting and turning. The painful reality gripping on to me.

" Naina" a faraway vivid voice called out from the distant, reaching forward, wanting to clasp on to a ripped thread which remained no more.

Turning the door knob slowly, I willed the very little strength in me and pushed it open, allowing the familiar homely breeze to settle in.

The first sight I was greeted to was the large window, overlooking the mesmerising trees of Jasper, as my gaze slowly flickered around the room, landing on the large board plastered on to the wall.

Memories hanged loosely on to it. Each photograph telling a difference story, of a different era and of a different age. The sight reflected the inner photographer of my soul, the one that died to capture every moment on a snapped printed ink, wanting to treasure each and every memory.

A howling silence sang from each corner. The unsettling winds whimpering outside, creating monsters out of feeble objects, but that's how the naked eye visualises the earth. Seeing a greater threat in the smallest of things, not seeing for what it is but only seeing it for what they wish to see.

" I-I'm sorry" A voice whispered beside me, the sorrow caged inside the man's words making me tense. My heart beating frantically. Having no strength to face him, for each time I looked deceit danced before me.

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