Age: 18

Sexuality: Strai-GAY!

Personality: Crazy, Random, Loving, Talks before thinking and most times Talks when he thinks he is thinking...

Info: Kadence lives, breathes, and obsesses over his boyfriend Jace. He is scared of girls and think they are all Evil. He's way over dramatic and just plain crazy that everyone can't help but to love! His best friend is Chris.


Age: 19

Sexuality: Gay for only Kadence

Personality: Protective, Possesive over what is his (Kadence), Loyal

Info: Jace used to think he was straight until making Kadence his slave turned out to be the best thing that could happen to him. He loves Kadence and will protect him from anything and anybody. His brother is Chris.


Age: 18

Sexuality: Bi

Personatily: Fun, Loving, Crazy

Info: Chris and Kadence are best friends that have a really close relationship. They tell each other everything and get into A LOT of trouble together. Chris is in love with his boyfriend Johnny and likes to touch all of his muscles...


Age: 19

Sexuality: Gay

Personality: Quiet, Protective, Romantic

Info: Johnny loves Chris. He might be quiet but he speaks up when he needs to.  He first noticed Kadence and wanted to get to know him more until he met a boy who called Dibs on him at a party then dragged him up to his room to do....now he's more in love than ever.


Age: 18

Sexuality: Gay

Personality: Sweet, adorable, childlike

Info: Drew is like the adorable puppy of the group with his big puppy dog eyes. He's secretly in love with Seth but to shy to act on his feelings. He always tries to please everyone and hate confrontation. He has secrets that make him this way that only Seth knows about.


Age: 18

Sexuality: Bi

Personality: Hard, loyal, somewhat mean, sarcastic

Info: Seth is the type to jump to conclusions before getting the whole story. He can be mean and rude to everyone aside from Drew. He will always protect Drew even if it means hurting other's to do it.


Age: 19

Sexuality: Whatever she feels at the time.

Personality: Crazy, out spoken, stalkerish...

Info: Candace is Drew's cousin. She's loud and doesn't care what anyone thinks. When she see's someone she wants, she goes after it not caring if they even want it. She thinks she can have whoever and whatever she wants.


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