Chapter 3

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I always had the late shift. It never really changed. Which was good; God knows I can't function in the morning, I'm a pure night owl.

I was walking around aimlessly, waiting until I had to go to work. Again, I couldn't really pay attention to anything. My mind kept wandering back to the mysterious blue eyed man (who seemed to really enjoy americanos) wondering if he'd make an appearance again.

I hope not.

I let out an unflattering yawn and rubbed my tired eyes. I could barley sleep a wink last night. Danger seemed to seep off of the blue eyed man, and I was worried that he seemed to take an interest in me.

But, instead of staying home and calling in sick -like a normal person would do- I refused to let fear eat up. I didn't want to run and hide. So here I was; walking around the streets of London, waiting for my shift.

My phone beeped, snapping me from my thoughts, signaling I had to go to work.

"Hey, Ella, hurry up, I need help!" My coworker, Nancy, squeaked. There was a huge line; people waiting to order and people waiting to be served. She looked so flustered, so I hurried up and put my stuff in the back and started to help her.

It was so busy today, I just wanted to go home and die. Everything ached. Everything.

Only one more hour, I kept chanting in my head. One more.

"Can I get an Americano please?" The familiar voice behind me asked. I turned around to be greeted with the same guy who has been invading my thoughts lately.

"You really like Americanos, huh?" I asked, smiling slightly.

He responded with a smirk, nodding slightly.

Everything went down the same way, as they did the past few weeks. He ordered his coffee. I told him how much he owed. He paid me. I made it. I gave it to him. He drank it. He would go on his phone, and would occasionally watch me as I worked -like a creep. Then he would get up after an hour and leave.

It was strange to say the least. He didn't even act like we met in the street yesterday. He acted normally. I shrugged it off. Why would I want him to talk to me more the he already has to? I'll get myself into trouble. I'd like to steer clear of that, thank you very much.

My shift had finally ended, much to my relief. My coworker and I cleaned up pretty quickly, desperately wanting to go home and rest.

"Bye Ella!" My coworker said.

"Bye Nancy, see you tomorrow." I smiled.

She groaned, "I need a vacation!"

I laughed, "I feel yah!"

And with that, I walked out the door. The harsh London air hitting me in the face, like a slap.

I sighed contently. Many people hated London weather, I on the other hand loved it. I love the cold and hate the heat. I mean who really wants to be sweaty and sticky? Not me! And have to shave, every single day? Please no! I was very much happy with the cold.

"She's hot. I see why he keeps coming." A voice boomed from behind me, scaring the crap out of me, and snapping me out of my thoughts. That's when I realized everything was darker and the streets were empty. Except for the voice I heard behind me.

"She looks so innocent though, why would he want her?" Another voice said. I could actually hear the smirk in their voices. My skin crawled.

I wasn't sure who they were talking about, but considering I was the one in sight, I figured they were talking about me..?

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