Chapter 37

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Lucas stirred, feeling Alexa's warm fingers against his skin. Opening his eyes, he watched as she traced the tattoo of Urizen on his belly, her finger following along the compass that Urizen was holding in his hand.

"Shouldn't you be asleep?" He asked, a strained smile on his face as he reached for his watch from the bedside table. It was only three in the morning and he'd been trying to fall asleep for hours, dark dreams flitting in and out of his consciousness. It hadn't helped that Alexa had apparently not been able to sleep as well, absentmindedly tracing Lucas' tattoo.

But Lucas couldn't blame her as he couldn't sleep either. In a few hours, all their lives were going to change, and Lucas hated himself for being helpless to stop it from happening.

As Lucas watched her, he saw the wetness on her lashes glistening in the moonlight. Deep within his chest, Lucas felt a tightness build and he shifted on the bed so he could bring his arm over her and hold her. He wondered when he would get to hold her like this again, and for a brief moment, it felt as if they were both waiting for the world to end.

"Urizen?" She asked, her attention returning to the tattoo on Lucas' belly. "Is he creating his own world here?"

Lucas brought his other hand behind his head as he made himself more comfortable, nodding. "Blake created his own mythology and Urizen represents Man and reasoning. He's crafting his own universe, maybe doing it from the light and creating the darkness, who knows? It depends on who you're talking to."

"Is that what we're doing, Lucas?" Alexa asked. "Creating a new world for us, away from all this madness with Jools?"

"Don't even say his name," Lucas muttered as he pulled her closer, feeling her breasts press against his chest. "It will be over soon, Alexa. They're transferring him to prison today, but you and Liam will be long gone by then."

Alexa was quiet, the expression on her face distant. She continued to play with the tattoo on his belly, tracing the sun from which Urizen emerged to create the chasm below. "I wish I could write our own future, Lucas. Where we're all together."

They were both naked beneath the covers, their legs brushing against each other as they shifted positions. Her legs felt soft and warm against his own, her belly against his. "Are you ready for this, Alex?"

She shook her head, her eyes shining with tears but she wiped them away before they could get the chance to fall down her cheeks. "No one can ever be prepared for this, Lucas. But I'm afraid for Liam. He'll be crushed when he finds out you're not coming with us."

Lucas sighed. Alexa was right. Liam would be crushed, as Lucas himself had been feeling the past few days since he had made the decision to let them go without him. Not that Lucas had a choice, and even he had to admit that it was the only way. No one would ever let him leave, let alone Valentin, who wanted to ensure that Arkady's trade had not been in vain.

The tribunal had finally sentenced Jools to life in prison, and already, the surveillance and protection detail on Alexa had ceased. The real reason, of course, had to do with budgetary concerns. Harry had requested favors from all levels of the government to ensure that the protection and surveillance detail last as long as they did. But with Jools finally sentenced, there was simply no need to protect Alexa anymore, even if she were his daughter.

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