16 || The Truth : Take 1

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Khushali stared at the person, who had just entered the living room of Mayera's apartment. The person, a guy, who was well acquainted to Khushali, was still standing on the entrance of the living room, near the small corner showcase rack, with an expression which Khushali couldn't understand was of shame or disdain.

Just too shocked to see this guy, Khushali even forgot that she had asked this man a question and he still hadn't answered it. Not knowing what to do, Khushali sat down on the couch, trying to get control over herself and silence the shouts and cries of her brain, which was now nothing but a maelstrom of mayhemic emotions.

The guy, who had joined Khushali and Mayera just few minutes back, came and sat in front of Khushali, on his knees, trying a way to explain the reason for his arrival. A minute later, when he was sure, his explanation had a valid point, he, with a very soft tone, said, "I know, what you must be wondering Khushali and your astonishment on seeing me here is completely justified. Because I am the same person who has forced you into this situation, where you don't know what's really happening and can't differentiate between the real faces and deceptive facades of the people whom you trust blindly."

Looking up from the floor, Khushali shot him a glare and bitterly said, "Yes, you're the only person to blame for this situation I am in now, Vivan. And just as you're talking about the deception, I wonder if you're also among those people who goes around with a facade, because just yesterday you said you hate Sidharth and he's this double faced guy. But today you're here with just one call from his alleged girlfriend."

Vivan shook his head and with embarrassment, said, "I know, what you're assuming Khushali, but let me first explain myself. Yes, I hate Sidharth for what he did. But Mayera, I was wrong about her. It's not just me or Sagar, that bloody Sidharth had wronged. He has wronged Mayera and her brother Rehaan too. He has wronged everyone, from the girl he loved, to the woman he's married, to me, to my deceased cousin, to his own best friend. All this, only to save his own self from the sinful and unforgivable deed, he had committed. And I being amongst those people who even after knowing that facts are more truthful than what our eyes see, preferred to believe what I saw yesterday then what was the real fact, the real truth, I happen to know well about."

He halted in his speech and turned to look at Mayera, who had this look of hurt and vanquish on her face that sort of confused Khushali, who was already bewildered to know that there was something about Sidharth, so dark and sinful, that he was trying everything in his power to safeguard himself.

And the way Vivan was staring at Mayera and vice versa, Khushali wondered, what were these two trying to communicate through those looks. So taking a deep breath, Khushali spoke up in a firm yet frustrated voice.
"Vivan, I'd be more happy if you get straight to the point and tell me what you're doing here? And why did Mayera say that you can tell me the truth better than anyone else? What are you all hiding from me? I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING!" The last part of her sentence louder than usual, simply because Khushali could no longer hold back her frustration of being the only oblivious person.

Vivan sighed and getting up from the floor, he went and settled on the couch on the right side to Khushali. Mayera too followed Vivan's action and settled on her previous place, next to Khushali.

Khushali looked from Mayera to Vivan and waited for either of them speak something. They both were resonating the same expression of hesitance and dilemma, trying to think from where to start and what or what not to tell Khushali. But neither of them noticed the anger building up in Khushali, for keeping her waiting. Getting up with anger bursting out from her, she warned them for first and the only last time.

"What do you two think you both are doing? Is this some sort of joke? A new way to amuse and entertain yourselves? I'm warning you both, if in next five minutes, you guys don't tell me what's the matter then I swear, I'd leave from here and confront Sidharth on my own!"

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