Chapter 1. Autumn

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Cara Hemlock

When I walked into my office, ready to start work again, I was startled by all the noise. A group of my colleagues had gathered and were applauding.

' Well done, Cara.' and ' Nice job.' were the only sentences I heard for the next three minutes. I was flattered, but I just wanted to start work and hide from everyone congratulating me.

I work for a government company that tries to obtain secret information. We were in a way spies. The reason everyone was clapping their hands? Yesterday I obtained information that would save five soldiers in Iraq. Was the applauding necessary? No. I hadn't done anything special, just did my job. Successfully, that is.

' Thanks, guys, now can we just get back to work?' I asked, not really liking being the center of the attention. I don't want to brag, but I was one of the best in my line of work. I just never got used to all the admiration.

I started working, only to have Ruben stomp into my office. He threw his jacket over the armchair and sat down looking angry.

' What's wrong?' I asked my colleague and very good friend. He huffed and crossed his arms, shaking his head.

' I was sent on a mission to seduce a woman to get some private information, but she rejected all my advances.' he exclaimed, looking hurt.

Ruben was a very good looking guy. We had been on a couple of dates but there was no firework or magic. So we just decided to stay friends. I understood why he was upset though, no one ever rejected him.

' I don't get it, I mean, I was friendly and charming and nice and sweet and I am good looking and, and. . .' he trailed on, lost in his ramble.

I smiled. I'm not gonna say it was nice that someone finally wasn't interested, but it would be good for his ego. Shame it had to happen on a mission.

They had sent Ruben so that must have meant it was an important piece of information he had to retrieve.

' Tell me about her.' I asked, intrigued by this woman. There were not many women around him that didn't faint at his feet and I would enjoy having female friends that could keep their hands off of him.

' She had dark hair, dark eyes, tiny frame. Nice boobs and a...' he started, but I interrupted him by saying I didn't need to hear about those parts of her body. He gave me a cocky grin, but I knew better. Deep inside he was just a softie, sweet and gentle.

' She was extremely gorgeous. Funny and sweet. She was kind of perfect, actually. If it wasn't for this mission, I could have fallen for her.' he said, staring grumpily at my wall. It was obvious that there was a dent in his pride.

' I don't get it, I even gave her a LP, but it had zero effect on her.' he continued his whining.

LP was an abbreviation for Love Pill. The latest discovery from our advanced science team. The name says it all.

You mix in some DNA of yourself and you slip it in a drink. The person who drinks it, gets the chemicals into their body and it heightens the chance of them falling for you. It had something to do with the stimulation of the brain that was responsible for love. It wasn't like a rape drug or a roofie, it didn't work that way. It was only effective if there was already some sort of attraction.

' Don't worry, Rube, maybe she was gay.' I joked, trying to get him to lighten up and feeling a bit sorry for him. That comment did apparently help because Ruben sprang up out of the chair, thanked me and ran out of my office.

I didn't think anything of it until my boss walked in a couple of hours later.

' Hemlock, York told you about the situation he was in?' my boss asked me. I nodded.

' Good, Lexi Zellichman is the daughter of a very important mediator. He died a couple of weeks ago, but he knew something. Something we need to know. She refused to talk to the police, stating she doesn't know anything, but my gut and sources tell me she does.

We really need to know this, but she has shut herself off since her father passed. She is ice cold towards the world.' he said, giving me her file and looking at my expectantly.

' And what do you want me to do? Befriend her and try to get her to open up?' I asked, not really knowing where this conversation was going, but I was getting an ominous feeling.

' Well, we sent Mark, Jonathan and Ruben, but none of them were successful. So when Ruben came into my office this morning asking me if our client was gay, we did some additional investigation and apparently she is.' he said, confirming my feeling.

He was gonna ask if I wanted to go and seduce her.

Thing was, I'm not gay.

' Again, what do you want from me.' I inquired, noticing he hadn't really answered the question.

' Well, since you have the highest success rate with men it would only be logical to sent you, even though you are straight.' my boss answered, looking guilty at the floor.

' You know I'm not gay.' I tried, but I knew that my sexual preference was moot here. After all, I had seduced a lot of men I equally wasn't attracted too. In my profession, it didn't matter what our own attractions were.

' But I'll go.' I finished, seeing my boss his face lit up.

' Thank you. In the file is the basic information, a more specific review will follow up.' he said, walking out of my office.

I picked up the file and immediately noticed that Lexi Hemlock was indeed stunning.

' Well, no time like the present for a lesbian romp.' I told myself.


A.N. This is the first time I publish a story and English isn't my native tongue. So go easy on me.

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