Chapter 5 *edited*

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~Jasper's POV~

 "What did you say you were?!?" Emmett exclaimed.

 "Will you please elaborate, Dear?" Esme asked.

 "Well, my mother was a werewolf in the Quileute pack and my father was a vampire. I stopped aging at around the time they were killed. The pack took me in and soon enough realized that I could phase. When Jake separated from Sam's pack, I went with him." Alyssa said. "Any questions?"

 Unsurprisingly, everyone raised their hand. It felt weird raising my hand and waiting for this thirteen year old to answer me.

 "Yes, Emmett?" she said.

 "Do you sleep?"

 "I can, but not normally. I hate to sleep. I feel like I might miss something." she replied. "Carlisle?"

 "Can you go out into the sunlight without sparkling?" he asked.


 She pointed at Esme. "I'm sorry, but I don't think I got your name."

 "My name is Esme. How fast are you?"

 "If you take the speed of a vampire and add it onto the speed of a werewolf, that is about where I am."

 "What about your strength?" Alice asked.

 "Same situation as speed. Edward?"

 "Why can't I read your mind?"

 "I'll explain that later. Blondie?"

"Are you alive?" Rose asked her.

 "Well...yes and no." she replied. "My heart doesn't beat, I can't cry, I don't need to breathe, my skin is impenetrable; everything inside me has frozen. Like a vampire. I do have blood though. It still courses through my veins. And I can eat if I want to."

 "When I was holding your head earlier, you were the same temperature as me. If you had blood, wouldn't you feel warm?" I asked. "And I can't smell it"

 "My blood is fairly scentless. It smells more perfume-like than like blood. To tell you the truth Jasper, I'm not sure how to explain my temperature situation, so I will just show you. If you're comfortable with it, that is."

 She stepped closer to me and held her hand an inch away from my forearm. The room grew nervous.

 "Calm down, everyone, I'm not going to hurt him." She rolled her eyes, placing her hand on me.

 At first, she felt the same as before, but then her temperature dropped so suddenly it reminded me of jumping into the ice-cold river when I was a little boy. Then, just as fast as it dropped, she felt hot enough to burn me. Like I had leaned onto the active stove. The moment I gasped, Emmet had her pinned to the wall. She barred her teeth at him and let out a low growl.

 "Jazz, are you okay? Did she hurt you? Let me see your arm." Alice said frantically.

 I lightly pushed her aside and said, "Emmet, sit down. She just surprised me."

 "Are you sure?" Emmet said, still pinning her to the wall. All of the sudden, he screamed and jumped back.

 "Ow, you burned me!" he cried.

 It looked as if everyone was about to attack her, so I sped over and stood in a protective crouch in front of her. The emotions in the room went from angry to confused and a few of my family members straightened their posture from a pouncing position.

 "Stop attacking her every time she does anything." I said. "You guys are acting so crazy right now. She just showed me something interesting."

 "I have the ability to control my temperature. I can become much warmer than Jacob and much colder than you guys. I can match the temperatures of both of the species." Alyssa explained, annoyed. She had her arms crossed over her chest and was sending death glares towards Emmet.

 "Is that your gift?" Alice asked.

 "Not quite."

 "Than what is it?"

 "I'm a copier." Alyssa replied, looking at all our confused faces.

 "A copier?" Bella asked.

 "Yes." Alyssa said. "Or at least, that's what the pack and I call it."

 "If I was in Ally's shoes right now, I would want to know who all you people are. The only two who have introduced themselves are Carlisle and Esme." Jacob said.


 "Jasper Whitlock; nice to meet you." I said, extending my hand out to her. I think I might be the only one comfortable around her, so I introduced myself first.

 "Alice." Alice said, shaking Alyssa's hand.

 "Emmett." He nodded to her in acknowledgement.

 "Edward." he said, wearily shaking her hand.


 "Bella." Bella said, shaking her hand.

 "Renesmee Cullen, but everyone calls me Nessie." she hugged her.

 After all the awkward handshakes, I felt the room ease up a little.

 "Well...a copier is someone who can copy another's power. When I ran into Bella in the forest today, as soon as our skin touched, I gained a copy of her power. So after shaking all of your hands, now I am a shield, a mind reader, an emotion controller, I can see the future, and I have that power Renesmee has." Alyssa said.

 Shock filled the room. The little girl in front of us might just be the most powerful person in the world.

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