PROLOGUE:  The Creation of the True World

In the beginning, there was simply Day and Night, the Sun and the Moon.  Phrenon, the Solar King, and His wife Nyxa, the Lunar Queen, who ruled together an empty kingdom.  The Sun and the Moon existed alone until They begot Their only daughter, Gaia.  Gaia, goddess of Nature.  Phrenon and Nyxa then begot Lucifer to become Gaia’s husband, that the two of Them might create a world.

Gaia and Lucifer created Gaea, the True World.

Gaia began to create all things on Gaea.  Gaia created first created the Seven Elements; Air, Earth, Fire, Shade, Time, Verve, and Water.  Lucifer split each of these Elements, which then became two deities.  They are Sadaqah and Javan; Metea and Tamfo; Lillicule and Lilith; Biotan and Esau; Athanasius and Aamon; Ananke and Baal; Azzaroxia and Brondre.  Each of these fourteen deities had control over the seven elements, and under Gaia’s and Luicfer’s guidance, they began to forge the world.

Gaia, Lucifer, and Their fourteen deities created all things on Gaea.  The lands were carved, the oceans filled.  Trees grew great and tall, and primal deserts baked in the heat.  Creatures, too, were created, from the humble ant to the mighty dragon.  To grant each of the deities more power, the mortal races were created to worship them.  Dwarves, gnomes, pogonas, giants, and humans roamed the land, mortals created by the efforts of the deities.

One mortal in particular was powerfully devoted to Gaia.  Known as Naturion, he pledged to Gaia his heart and soul.  Gaia fell in love with Naturion, and they made love.  Through Gaia’s true love for him, Naturion became as a god.  From nature Gaia, Naturion, and Lucifer created the sidhe.

Lucifer quickly became jealous of Gaia’s mortal lover and furious that Naturion had become a god.  Mountains shook with Lucifer's rage, and he created an army to march on Naturion.

Naturion pleaded with mortals to stand with him against Lucifer, yet none answered.  So Naturion led an army of animals against Lucifer’s infernal horde.

Soon the servants of the other deities were swept up in war.  Ananke, Athanasius, Azzaroxia, Biotan, Lillicule, Metea, and Sadaqah stood with Naturion and became known as the Risen Gods; Aamon, Baal, Brondre, Esau, Javan, Lilith, and Tamfo sided with Lucifer and became known as the Fell Gods.  The war became known as the Gods’ War, or more commonly, the Elemental War.

The war that raged began to alter the True World.  Gaia saw Her creation being sullied and became sorrowful; Her tears fell in great droplets and struck Gaea.  Where one of Gaia’s tears landed on Gaea, the fourteen deities could no longer directly alter the world.  Seeing this, and not wanting Her world destroyed in war, Gaia sacrificed Her divinity.  She infused Her divine essence into Gaea, protecting it from the direct machinations of all the gods.  The Gods’ War was ended.

So saddened and angered were the Solar King and the Lunar Queen at the loss of their daughter that they struck Lucifer down, making him as mortal.  It was decreed that no deity would ever directly battle another deity; their will on Gaea would be carried out by their worshippers alone.

What became of Lucifer, none truly know.  The legends say that he wanders the True World as a mortal, seeking a way to regain his godhood and exact his revenge on Phrenon, Nyxa, and Naturion.

The sidhe still hold hope that Gaia will return to them, that she will rise once more as a true and powerful goddess.

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