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A/n: this is going to be an awesome story... Just warning you.

There is a large time warp...

I'm going to have Gerard and Frank's p.o.v from the band in this chapter

I've noticed how terrible my other fan fiction is... I read it and I'm really upset with it... This one will be better i swear!

~xø Insanity


*the day after the break up*

Franks p.o.v.

The bed was messy. The sheets were ripped off... The new cracks in the pale, white wall stared at me, slowly driving me insane.

The room was almost as messed up as I was. I mean, who wouldn't be this messed up after you put your heart and soul into a band for twelve years, and the lead singer decides to leave the band, which leads for the whole band to break up. I mean, he WAS my best friend, but now, I hate him. I was living my dreams and he woke me up.

Thanks Gerard.

I mean, I shouldn't be mad. He has his little girl he adopted. He needs to settle down, but when you're in your thirties and you're single and alone, you kind of want to have a hobby you enjoy. I've only liked a couple girls in my life. I've never LOVED anyone... I've been too busy trying to keep people happy, or if I had a fan with self harm issues or suicidal thoughts I would help them a little bit. But there are reasons to be mad. We never went on tour with all the Conventional Weapons songs... And it was totally out of the blue. Also, I can never act on stage with Gerard anymore, which I loved to do. I know that's weird, but I felt like something was there... I always did. But EVERYTIME I brought it up with him he just laughed and said its a fun act that he likes to do to piss off the fans' parents.

You see, I was going to tell him that i liked him. But I didn't know what to say. He knows I'm bi. I've had girlfriends before, and I've had some boyfriends. And the big problem is, I still like him. At one point I though he liked me too like that time we kissed at an interview...


"So, is Frerard real?" The interviewer, Jessica, asked.

"As real as you think it is." Gerard says laughing.

"So If I flirted with Frank right now, you wouldn't get jealous at all?" She asks.

Gerard frowned. "FRANKIE IS MINE." And grabbed me and pulled me to his chest.

I was laughing and blushing. I felt like a teenage girl.

"How do you feel about this?" She asks me.

I shrug lifting my head up. Then I laugh.

"Can you show us some Frerard? Keep it PG-13 please!" She says. We all laugh but Gerard. Then, he grabs my face and kisses me.

Not even a fake kiss. A real one.

I was totally blushing. Then he pulled away.

"Was that real enough?" He says with sass.

She nods, totally struck dumb.

*end of flashback*

I could get a girlfriend, or even boyfriend easily. I would walk up on the street, and a girl would attack me. Maybe even a guy. We were pretty famous.


I should go on twitter.. Maybe tweet something.

I log on and there are thousands of tweets towards us..

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