Part 18 🤗

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It was around 7:30pm. You waited on the roof of your apartment for Donnie. Its one of those things you didn't think someone would go through because its all happening cause of a game. You shivered. Not cause of you being cold though; just a normal human habit. You sat there on the air conditioning exhaust system looking through FaceBook account on your phone. You looked over in the corner of your eye to see Donnie walking up to you. You push the home button on your phone and turned off your phone; slid it in your pocket. You stood up "hey donnie!" You said happily. "Hey! How are you?" He asked as he put a tan bag on the ground. "Im good. Whats in the bag?" " i got something for you. " he smiled sweetly. You walked over to him and looked in the bag and saw a peach colored dress. It was knee high. The Bottom part of it was overlaid with lace that went down to your ankles. The top part under your breast area was a golden rim that wrapped around. A pair of impersonated Cinderella shoes that were made of hard plastic but edges and cuts look like the exact shoe from the new movie with the small butterfly on it. " i-is that for me?!" You exclaimed. "Sure is." He looked up at you. He was sitting on his knees. " why don't you go put it on." He suggested with a smile. You took the bag and ran down the fire escape. * 20 minutes Later* Donnie heard clicks against the metal as you got closer up to him when you finally appeared shimmering with beauty as your dress lace swayed when you were still walking towards him and your shoes reflected moonbeams every-which-way. "You..look absolutely stunning" Donnie complimented. A blush rose to your cheeks but in the dark i don't think you could see it But the city lights still illuminated everything still be able to see. "Can you excuse me for a moment?" Donnie asked for permission. "Yea sure " you smiled as he walked off behind a Outdoor shed Closet type of thing. You wondered what he's doing and then you saw a huge bluelike flash. "Donnie? Is everything ok?" Then the first thing you saw was a fancy black dress shoe and then his black slacks; a purple tie; white blouse and a black jacket with an embroidered pocket and a purple hankie. Your eyes were amazed to see Donnie, the geeky turtle who wears solar panels on his hips was now a slick looking human being! It was unbelievable! He was adjusting his tie when you caught him staring at you. 

He smirked

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He smirked. "Like what you see?" Making fun of your reaction. You were speachless. "How did you do that!" You asked excitedly. " its more of a physical illusion. Think of MegaMind the movie." You nodded as you understood. " ive been dying to use it. So! *Claps hands together* You ready?" "Where are we going?" "Only the fanciest place in NY." You two walked down the grated metal stairs down to the concrete. "Aandd in 3 2 1" you looked at him confused. And then an Orange Lamborghini arrived freshly waxed and polished. You squealed "OMG OMG OMG!" Donnie laughed at your reaction. "Come on. Your the princess of the night, tonight. Let's go" he winked which made you blush. He gestured you inside. It was Amazing! Black and Orange leather Seats; Blackest of Window Tinting; Golden Chrome Lining that ran on the door. You sat down in the passenger side while admiring how Cool Donatello looked. You never thought of the idea of a turtle becoming human; well the illsusion of one anyways. After Donnie driving for 10 miles finally reached his destination. You put the window down as the reflections shined; to see you were at Ko. The one of the most expensive restaurants in NYC. You were gonna ask how he even do a reservation but then you remembered; he hacks, allot! You sat their admiring the place when you had no idea Donnie had already opened the car door for you. You gaze went up to him. He was still around 7 ft. tall, He still had his cute nerdy glasses look but with a new pair, Ash Blond hair in a Pompadour kind of style. I think he made my cheeks flush! You smiled at him. Donatello Pov. I smiled at her cause when she blushed she looked so cute. I helped her up onto the curb. He extended his elbow out for you to grab onto. You gently placed your arm around his and started walking to the doors. Donnie handed the keys to a Valet and slipped him $20. There were doormen on both side of the of the doors. They both opened the glass doors while they bowed. 'I really do feel like a princess!' you thought to yourself. You stepped on freshly waxed Granite floors about as dark as night. A waiter said "May I help you?" "Yes, Table for two please." "Names?" He looked at me like i was a peasant girl with his snobbish nose and looked back at Donnie "RoseWood" 'Did donnie take someone else's reservation?' you thought. "Ah here you are. Please. ( he looked back at you in disbelief and his smiled went away) follow me." We followed him getting one of the best seats. We walked up the granite stairs. They had tiny Very tiny grippy things on them so you wouldn't trip. Your curled hair bounced as you walked. You finally reached your table. It had a white silk cloth and white plates with gold rims. The silverware was wrapped in Gold Napkins. I pulled out the chair for Y/N ; She smiled sweetly at me and sat down in it. I pushed her in and sat down in my own chair. The waiter left. "So (she started as she rested her head on hands) is this what you would look like if you were Human or did you just put something together?" She asked. "Kinda Both." I answered; She chuckled. "Here is your food; enjoy." the waiter left once again. She looked confused "Its alright. I had the food Pre-ordered so things wouldn't DillyDally." I used my British accent. She laughed. A woman was passing by was laughing and She whispered something in her partner's ear. The man turned around and took a good long look at Y/N and turned back to his partner "She doesn't belong here. She's a nobody." He said in a normal tone and the woman snickered and agreed. I watched them and then i looked back at Y/N who was looking at the people below through the hard metal balcony fence. Seems as though she was judging herself compared to them. They were fancy, upper-class people living in Mansions and pentHouses eating Baked Camembert for Breakfast and she was living alone in her dad's apartment with a life full of Sewer Turtles. I know as a turtle who lives in the sewers Peace from the humans is all i can really ask for but as a human; Y/N; she probably just wanted fit in with everyone else. Living the life of the Rich and Beautiful. But instead gets squandered by them. I remember seeing the magazines of them in the living room of our home lying on the floor with messy chocolate on her fingers while she read them. I could tell that's one of the things she wished for. That's why i made this date The way it is; everything fancy and expensive but its hard to make it perfect for her when people walk by giving her red eyed glares and treating her like she shouldn't even exist. When our meal was over and done with; I gave the man the money and we were off. No ones pov. we arrived back at her roof. Donnie clicked his switch back two times and her reverted back to his old self. You smiled at him just to be friendly. You didnt really know what to say "hey, thanks for tonight. That was one of the best dates i've ever had! I mean...(you pretty much did the last scene with Mikey in the 2014 movie when mikey was MindBlown when splinter woke back up.) Boooooosh!" Donnie Smiled "well i'm glad you enjoyed it so much." "Sooooo can i ask you something? I hope its not an awkward question." you asked "what sup?" "Do we..Kiss?" He flushed alittle. "I dont think we need too." You nodded in understandment. "Come here." you sweetly demanded. He bent down on one knee and you kissed him on his cheek. "Thanks Donatello. I had an awesome night with you." You told him. he smiled; got up, walked over to the fire escape and right before he jumped to the ground he waved to you from afar and you waved back while you other hand was on your hip. You saw him vanish and that was the official end of your date. You turned around and started walking to the fire escape when a huge thud stopped you. You were afraid to even turn around but out of being human your body didnt listen and turned around slowly. "Raph?" You saw the mutant turtle in front of you. He saw how beautiful you were, how smooth her skin looked, your eyes reflecting the city lights, your lips were full as ever. "..Y/N.." "..Yes?" Your face was flushing. The only reason you knew was because your face felt like it was having a hotflash. He walked closer to you and then sat down on his knees and looked into your eyes. "I'm sorry." You were shocked O.O You didnt expect that. You expected him to be freaking out on you again. "its ok really. No need for such a formal apology :)" you smiled. He smiled back at you. "But i really am sorry. I should not have acted like that." "Hey why dont you come in? I have some SwissMiss Cocoa." you encouraged. "Sure." And then with that you again overloaded your cup of cocoa with Marshmellers and and he overloaded his with Whipped cream. You made fun of him about his cream mustache. You let him out the window and the night was at its end. Even though it ended at 2 hours ago at 12'. I hope you enjoying the story! Thanks for the Votes!

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