Chapter 5 Not Myself

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Chapter 5



And write a funny or heart touching comment about Seth, josh, sky ,Amber ,Taylor , Danny any one really.

It could be this:

(Seth could go to Alaska and kiss a pole and get marry with it and levee sky and josh alone)

/Not funny I know but you can try./ 

K so here the real chapter 5 but is know chapter 6 it the time before chapter 5 in the morning so chapter seven is present time ok.

❧Skyler profile ❧

"Ugh" I said looking out our privet plain. I could see the beach and some letter were on it said / love is closer then what you think/ yeah right. 

I was sitting in the front where we were near the pilot but separated by the currents. We were flying to New York and now we are going back to LA since mom and Seth parents is staying in New York so dad and joshes family and Seth and my brother Taylor and Amber , Danny and dad are on the plain to go to LA. 

God my back hurts Seth really hit me hard .we were making out yesterday and he hit me to the wall.

Note to self : Kill Seth after I ruined his reputation.

"What wrong skyline'' Taylor said looking at me as if there was something wrong with me.

"Um it just that my back harts from those wings'' I said trying to act as if I was in a semi-amount of pain from them but really it was because of our not so little make out seen.

"I don't think that's it Skyler ,since one you never complain about them and two because you bin using them for about four years, next week it going to be five and.........'' He stop talking and started snickering.

"What is it do I have something on my face'' I question then panicked since josh writes on my face with my lipstick some times. He does that because I do that to him a lot.

"No on your neck idiot you have a firkin hickey'' He said as he landed on the plain flour carpet from laughing to death.

"Ha-ha very funny" I said crossing my arms and putting them in front of my chest.

"No I'm laughing because the guy that you were making out ..ha..ha.. probably hit you on a wall that why your back hurts any way if he hurts you tell me I'll be happy to brake his neck'' Taylor said with a sarcastic toon then changed it to a really creepy smile and walked to the room on the plain.

MAN. how in the world are Taylor and Josh and Seth so scary.

Our privet plain is really big and because we travel a lot we have rooms in them, But I mostly just travel in the Victoria secret plain with the rest of the models.

I never have a brake since the company loves it when I model something because I make them a lot of money . My mom ask me when that thing happen if I wanted to model and be home school or if you prefer plain school . 

So I just never wanted to go back to high school because of what happen but Josh and Amber and Taylor said that they really wanted me to spend senior year with them.

I skip one year since I was always smart when I was little every one said that I would go to Harvard ( not any more because of that ass hole) because I was so smart and because of that I skip one grade level .

Josh was sad that I left him when I was nine so he just ask his dad to put him in the same grade as me and my sister and Seth. Taylor came back to live with us after he hared what happen to me. It was our scent year in LA but that was my first year in hight school because the year before I was in middle school .So that when the thing happen and I never wanted to step foot in to that hell hole. And so that why Tay came back to stay with me when mom and dad had to go to some place.

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