I brushed my teeth lazily the next morning, urging my eyes wider every time they tried to drift shut. All the nervous energy that I'd had the night before was completely gone. If sleeping for a few more hours was possible then I wouldn't have even bothered getting out of bed, but I felt guilty for missing all those classes yesterday. Thusly, I had drug myself out from under the warmth of my covers and into the bathroom to get ready for my day. I had my doubts about how functional I would end up being. If the amount of time I stood staring at my make up in confusion was any indicator, I had a really long day ahead.


I jumped, knocking over a bottle of concealer in my shock, and swore loudly when a few drops splashed onto my shirt. "What the hell, Bentley! I'm in the bathroom, go away!"

Bentley groaned and a thump followed, most likely his head hitting the door. "Tory, I've seen more girls naked than I could even count on my hands and feet. Fuck, I've seen you naked. And we all know you've seen my junk so can you please just let me in there so I can piss? You know Orion gets mad when I pee in the sink!"

"We were twelve!" I yelped, yanking the door open to glare at him. "And everyone gets mad when you pee in the sink! It's nasty! I drink from there!"

"Whatever!" Bentley quickly brushed past me, wasting no time in unzipping his fly and relieving himself. I shrieked and covered my eyes. "Come on, Tory, don't be such a prude."

"This is my bathroom!" I whined as I quickly retreated back to my room. "Today is going to be rough enough as is! I didn't need seeing your dick on my list of problems."

"A lot of girls don't see that as a problem!"

"Don't forget to wash your hands!" I growled back, quickly grabbing a new shirt and scrutinizing my outfit before I realized I didn't care anymore and just threw a hoodie over it all. "Sometimes I honestly can't believe we're friends."

Bentley came up and hugged from behind, settling his chin on the top of my head. "I may be an ass, but I'm a lovable ass. Also, you promised my mom you'd watch out for her baby while he was away at college."

"I can't deny your mom her peace of mind..." I sighed, pulling away and narrowing my eyes. "Did you wash your hands?"

"God, yes! Get off my case, mom!"

Following Bentley out of my room, we traipsed into the kitchen. On our way past I noticed Orion's door was still closed and nudged my friend to nod towards it. The knowing look he gave me made me grimace.

For as long as we'd known him, Orion would get headaches on a regular basis. They would build over a few days, leading up to a completely mental shutdown. Then he would be right back to normal. Any prompting we'd given him to go and get it checked out had fallen on deaf ears. By now it was just natural to let it play its course and do our best to keep the noise around the apartment to a minimum.

"I really wish we could get some pain meds for him." I hopped up and sat on the counter, frowning as Bentley put some bread in the toaster for our quick breakfast.

"Unless you have any Vicodin or something, I doubt anything we could get for him would work. They're pretty bad, Tory."

I leaned back against the wall, studying the ceiling. There were still little specks of hot chocolate from when I'd dropped a mug the first month we were here. I had been so used to living with my parents (who always announced themselves well before entering a room) that Orion's quiet entrance had scared the shit out of me. "Do you think he's ever gotten them checked out though? What if something is really wrong?"

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