date to the prom chapter7 fainted

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  • Dedicated to Carter

We drove for about a hour or so and then we came to a hult. The man dressed in black got out of the car and opened the trunck where I layed on my belly trying to roll over on my back.  He took out a needle from his left pocket and a bottle from his left pocket too.  Inside the bottle was red liquid stuff that had popping bubbles  that would reform again. He poured the bubbley liquid into the needle. The man squashed my face into the dirty, disgusting trunk floor. He held on the back of my head. He grinned and then jammed the needle into my neck. I screamed (Although it was very hard to scream loud enough for everyone to hear mecause of my ducktape,) and fainted like I would never wake up.

I was still fainted when we came to a stop. The men got out and ran over to the trunck grabbed me by my legs and hands and pulled me into this old shack that was aside of the road with two wiindows on it and a white cracked door. They carried meover to a pile of hay and through me on it.

They were Talking of what to do with me

"What should we do with her Bob?" asked The man dressed in black.

"Stop calling me Bob," He demanded. "Remember I changed my name to Flynn," yelled (Bob)! "If you keep on calling me Bob and trust me when I say it I Ryder, I will start calling you by your real name, JERRY,"exlaimed Flynn

"Okay,"spassed Ryder as he took off his nijasuit and changed into jeans and a red t-shirt, while walking over to a different haystack and sat on it.

"So seriously what should we do with her? Blow her up?"wondered Ryder

"I dont know about that because if we do blow her up we will be a murder." He smiled and began to talk again"But if we do get a bomb and tell her to do anything we want her to do and if she doesn't we will threaten to push the trigger and then she for sure will do what we say,"explained Ryder.

"Great idea"

"And I'm a great genius. So what do you say?"

"Thank you," he used in a mumbly huffy breath.

"No problemo."

I woke up thinking Where am I and What is this place, it's cold. I licked my duck tape that was around my mouth to make it unsticky. It was pretty disgusting. I got all of the sticky part that wasthe width and hight of my mouth. I stuck my toughe out like Claire did to me and Lily at school, which i used the strength of my rounge to push the ducktapeout . It fell off and onto the ground. I used my mouth too tare of the duck tape and I limped over to the white cracked door. The door was a little creacky when I opened it.  Ryder and Flynn came running over to me and dragged me back over to the haystack.    I was shiviring because it was so cold so I hugged my self to keep me warm. While I hugged myself I noticed I had a vest with a whole lot of bombs in it.

"Oh my Gosh what is this,"I screamed and I started to cry.

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