Chapter 2: Are We Good

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***Some random facts: Landon is demisexual. Akaashi is bisexual; although he's been with mostly girls, boys aren't a problem, lol. Vote, comment, and of course enjoy~~~

I had no words.

I have never been so happy in my life.

"So I pretty much got about three hundred dollars last night." Blake was giddy. When I told him Akaashi decided to go out with me, he went to collect his money from the betting pool this week. He bought me a smoothie from Smoothie King, and proceeded to get a gift for Cheryl since they apparently started going out.

"How much did you guys bet this week?" I asked him.

"I bet ten dollars every week because I had little faith but everyone was betting high against you so I took all the cash, plus that check Joshua wrote." he laughed darkly. I didn't know there was a betting pool to be honest. I wouldn't have joined in but I would have wanted to know.

I chewed on my red straw as I looked around.

It wasn't that quiet in the mall today. Blake and I were walking on the second floor of the mall. There wasn't a lot of light coming from the windows but it was enough that it seemed brighter on the inside. There were a lot of teenagers around because this is all we can do on the weekend. Most of us are broke, except for Blake at the moment. I see the same people I see everyday in school. I wore my lettermans jacket since it got colder today but I was so happy that nothing could really make me that cold.

I got to hang out with Akaashi last night. We did go see a movie. We did go out to eat. Every time I said it was a date, he made sure I knew that it wasn't. But he had fun anyway and I could tell because he does this laugh where his eyes would squint and they would shine brighter than the sun. I knew I was a fun person. 

"It took you four years, but here you are." he said and hit my back. "As much as I believed that you wouldn't get him," he started which sort of did ruin my mood a bit, "I'm glad you did," he said. "Now you can shut up about him." he added in quickly.

Now I won't be struggling anymore. I finally got him. 

"How'd you get him to say yes anyway?" he asked and looked up at me.

I was going to respond, but I honestly couldn't. I shouldn't talk about what happened in the locker room. My face was getting hotter as I closed my mouth, taking back what I wanted to explain. He kept his blue eyes on me, waiting to see if I'll say something but I didn't. He stopped walking and waited. He would wait all day.

"What the hell did you do?" he asked me quickly.

"Its nothing! Its not like I did something I would regret." I looked away and got quieter as I spoke. The embarrassment was becoming something I couldn't bare. It was awkward for me because I couldn't tell him what went on.

Blake frowned and looked away. He doesn't like when I don't tell him stuff. Secrets aren't his thing but this one he has to deal with not knowing. What happened last night happened and that's all I can say about it.

"Oh look, there he is now." he said, being dramatic and waving his hands. I turned to where he was looking and saw Akaashi walking with his friends. Blake wasn't too happy that I wasn't giving him details.

There's only so much I could tell him. And I'm sure he would want me to stop talking about Akaashi right? I don't know how he would take it if I told him stuff happened.

"Might as well go keep secrets with him." he turned away and looked at his phone. I felt bad that I made him bitter. And I was going to make it worse because I was going to wait for Akaashi.

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