64. Good Girl

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"Let's go to the room." I pulled away. 

"You're reading my mind." Justin put me down, grabbed my hand, and pulled me along. He peeked around the corner. There was no sign of Za. We ran up the stairs and down the hallways to our room.

Justin shut the door and locked it. I held his face and reconnected our lips. We proceeded walking backward. The back of my legs hit the bed. Justin reached for the hook of my bra and unclasped it, making it fell to the floor.

The overwhelming presence of lust in his eyes had me intimidated. He pushed me back onto the bed and climbed on top of me. His lips attacked my neck. I moaned as he caressed my breast.

I brought my leg up to his waist. His warm lips traveled down the valley of my breast, to my stomach, to the band of my panties. 

"I want to taste you again. I feel like I haven't touched you in forever baby." He pried my legs open.

He pulled my panties off. My eyes met his and I covered myself with my hand. 

"No, baby." 

"Don't hurt me." 

"It will feel good, I promise." He waited for me to move my hand. I brought my hand over my breasts.

He pushed my body up the bed for him to have more room. 

"Give me your hand." He said and interlaced our fingers. He lowered his mouth on to me. I moaned and squeezed his hand. His moist, warm tongue slid over my center.

I used my free hand to grab a handful of his hair. 

"Damn babe." He rubbed his hand against me. My chest heaved up and down. I watched as Justin opened his mouth and placed it over me again.

He quickly flicked his tongue over me. 

"Don't s-stop!" I shuttered. He kept going. My head flew back in pleasure as moans slipped out my mouth. I squeezed his hand. He slowed down and sped up again.

I arched my back and closed my legs around his head. The sensation was so intense, tears leaked from my eyes. He let go of my hand and used his hands to hold my legs open. He continued his work.

"Justin!" I screamed. He didn't stop. My back arched so much, that I had to lean on my elbows. My hips repeatedly buckled and my eyes rolled. A rush flowed through my body and my back fell down on the mattress.

Justin rubbed my stomach and sides to relax me. I surrendered under his calming touch. He reached over and put on a condom. I had already reached my peak and Justin hasn't even gotten started.

I rubbed myself, preparing for Justin. He climbed on top of me and whispered against my lips.

 "I bet Orlando can't make you squirm like I can." His hands caressed my breast, then traveled up my arms. He grabbed both my hands, interlaced our fingers and pinned them above my head.

He leaned down and kissed my lips tenderly. His eyes burned into mine as he penetrated me. I moaned into his mouth. He bit my bottom lip and gradually sped up. I tried to pull my hands from his, but he tightened his grip.

"Where are you trying to go sweetheart?" He smirked and pecked my lips. "You can't run from me." His thrust began deep and powerful, completely sending me over the edge. He released my hands and gripped my hips as he continued to slam into me. "FUCK!" He groaned.

Moans poured out my mouth. I rubbed myself to increase my pleasure. 

"Oh my god. OH MY GOD, JUSTIN!" I moaned. My senses were heightened when he sucked on my neck. 

The backboard repeatedly hit the wall. I brought my hips up to meet Justin's. His chest jumped and he gasped. I tried to push him over, so I could be on top. He pushed me back. Shit. 

"No, let me take care of you baby." He pinned me down and used his thumb to rub my center. My jaw dropped, but nothing came out. He rubbed rapidly while still ramming into me. 

"Justin, I'm going to-" 

"No. Not yet." He slowed down. "Don't cum until I tell you to." He ordered. I nodded. He kissed my stomach. "You're so perfect." I heard him whisper. 

"Justin, I want you." 

"How bad?" 

"Really bad! Stop torturing me!" I whined. He thrust quicker. Tears came down my cheek. "Juuus-" 

"Almost there baby... Don't." He ordered. 

"Ju-stin I can't-." I whimpered as I was losing control of my body. Justin smirked and leaned down. I brought my head into the crook of his neck.

"Cum for me..." He breath hit my ears. His thrust becoming quicker and sloppy. The sound of the backboard hitting the wall echoed through the room.

I gripped his neck as my body twitched under his. His body jolted as he let out one final moan. I wiped my tears...(most likely sweat) as we both panted. He licked his lips as he struggled to hold himself up. I moved the damp hair out of his face. 

"You're such a good girl, baby." He kissed my lips. I smiled and stroked his cheek.

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