Chapter 1

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"Kaneki, please let me out! You don't need to do this, I can take care of myself!" I screamed at Kaneki. It's been one day ever since he locked me here. "Don't be silly Tomoe Chan! You would die twice if it weren't for me. That's why I have to protect you. Nobody else cares about you Tomoe Chan. Only me." He said while kissing my cheek. "Stop it!" I screamed while moving my face away from his reach. "Well Tomoe Chan, I understand that you are confused but I'm sure you'll understand this is the right thing for you! I have to go work now, have fun Tomoe Chan." And with that he left through the black metal door.
I observed the "house" more carefully in hopes I find some sort of exit. There were no windows and the exit was locked on the outside. I don't want to stuck here forever with a psycho! I'll find some way to get out of here! For now, the best thing to do is save energy. I laid on the bed and slept.
Kaneki pov
"Tomoe Chan I'm home!" I said. "Tomoe Chan?" I walked to the bedroom to find her sleeping. "Tomoe, your really are cute!" I sat on the bed and petted her head softly. "Finally we are together." I felt her move under the blankets so I figured I woke her up. "Don't touch me!" I heard her say under the blankets. "What's wrong Tomoe Chan? Did I woke you up?" I asked her. "Yes. Leave me alone!" She screamed. Hasn't she understood that her and am only trying to protect her yet?"I'm only protecting you. You belong to me Tomoe Chan." I told her.
Tomoe pov
"I don't! Please Kaneki stop this!" I screamed at him. "Tomoe Chan  I understand your confused but I'm starting to get sick of you screaming at me all the time!" I heard him in a scary tone. I nestled tighter under the warm blankets. "See Tomoe Chan? It's easier if we get along." He said, petting me. "Don't touch me.". I whispered. "You'll accept my affections soon. I know that. I have a surprise for you. Let me go get it." And he stood up, coming back two minutes later. I felt him sat on the bed and slightly uncover my head. "Tomoe Chan, I know you love chocolate cookies so I brought you a box." He said, waving the box on top of my head. I could hear the cookies dancing inside the box. I wanted to refuse but the smell of chocolate was attracting me. "Come on Tomoe Chan you need to eat." You haven't ate anything since you moved here. I want you to be healthy." He said. I remembered that I need energy to escape so I grabbed the box and brought it under the blankets. "Tomoe do you want me to feed you?" He asked. His tone was normal but I could feel the expectation he had to me to accept. "No need." I whispered. I opened the box and ate a cookie. Delicious! I was needing this. "Tomoe Chan why are you rejecting my affections for you?" He asked and sighed. "I guess your just shocked because of the sudden change. It's alright Tomoe Chan, I'm sure you love me too. Good night Tomoe Chan. Rest well." He said and kissed my head, and walked out the cage, locking the door behind him.

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