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★ ☆ ✮ ✯Freshman Year★ ☆ ✮ ✯

"Landon, you can't just go up to him, its only the first week of school." My friend complained to me.

I held on to the straps of my book bag and licked my teeth, feeling my new set of braces. I was confident, very confident for a freshman. Sure I wouldn't walk these halls with as much confidence as I have now, but I'm still confident enough.

High school is supposed to be amazing and its going to be when I ask Akaashi to hang out with me. I saw him the first day of school and I thought he was incredibly cool. Everyone knows him and I would love to have my chance to be popular. And he seems nice.

He's really pretty too. The first time I saw his face, I went into shock. Everyone goes on about him looking really cute as a freshman. I also saw him smile on the first day of school and I knew that one day we would be best friends.

"Next time you see me, I'll be walking with Akaashi." I looked over to my friend. He shook his blond hair out of his face and groaned, not liking how I have lost my mind.

"No you won't be." He had no faith in me. That doesn't matter. "You know what I've heard, Landon?" He pulled me over to the side. "He doesn't just hang out with anyone." He whispered. "You have to be hardcore and party like your life is at stake. And you don't even get invited to parties." He said louder now.

"That doesn't matter." I said quickly. "I know how to have a good time though." I added. Sure I don't go to parties...that's it, there's no better side to it. I'm like fourteen, what parties am I going to?

"He turns people down. Doesn't even look at them."


"Landon, you're going to get heart broken, and I feel bad for you." He said bluntly.

My friend knows how easily I get sucked into things. I can't help it though. I want to make more friends and Akaashi looks nice. Why not be friends with him? Was my friend jealous? No, he doesn't care much. His main concern is stopping me from doing the stupid stuff I did in middle school.

"I'll be right back." I said quickly and skipped out on talking to my friend.

Akaashi was at his locker and I wanted to at least try and introduce myself. I know who he is but he doesn't know me. I may not be the coolest person ever and its only freshman year but if Akaashi just looks at me, then I'm in.

I walked to his locker all cool and confident. And I even know what I was going to say. It didn't matter that he hasn't noticed me yet but he will and then we'll be best of friends.


"No." He shut his locker without even looking at me and walked the opposite way.

He's so graceful. I stood there and watched him walk away. That was the best three seconds of my life.

I could hear my friend hollering and laughing down the hallway. I didn't feel too bad because this is only the beginning. My first attempt was not going to be successful but its okay because there is going to be more than one attempt. So my friend laughing at me wasn't going to stop me from trying again.

"You are not going to let this go are you?" He came over to me and tightly put his arm around my neck.

"I'm trying to make friends." I said.

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