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'May I have this dance?’

Though he asked, he hadn’t waited for Fabian to release Tessa.  He was pulling her into his arms.

‘So you’ve come back?’ was the first stupid comment Tessa’s brain thought to churn out.

‘Missed me?’ his voice was smooth, too smooth.

‘No__  maybe.'  What the hell!.  Let's take the bull by the horns  ' __ yes.’ 

‘Are you always this sure off yourself,’ he grinned, as he spun her around.

Wow it was a long time, a very long time since a man was able to lead her on a dance floor with such dexterity.  If Tessa was a bit tipsy when she had been in Fabian’s arms, she was stone cold sober now.

‘What’s your name?’ Tessa crossed her arms around his neck. She liked that leashed power he seemed to hold with barely controlled  restraint.  She enjoyed being in his arms, liked the feel of those sturdy shoulders.

‘Bradley Blakely.’

‘Wow that’s a mouthful,’ Tessa giggled, ‘my name is__’

‘Tessa von Biljoen.  I know,’ he finished

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