Chapter 7 part 1

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sorry this chappie is so short i decided to post what i already had written because im going on vacation for 2 weeks and im not going to write its not proof read yet so theres mistakes everywhere... anyways ill post when i get home and have time to write please vote vote vote !!! i know it takes time but pleasseee im beggin here lol love my loyal voting fans!! you are the only reason im continuing writing

Chapter 7 part 1

Dan’s POV

“hello” Dominic sounded irritated

“Well what a nice way to greet your brother…”

“What do you want Dan your supposed to be finding my girl” he was growling

“Touchy touchy .. well I think your attitude might change.. We found her..”

“Really…. well that is something…bring her home.. now!!”

I was so conflicted I knew I had to do what my brother wanted but I felt so bad for Katrina she didn’t deserve for her mate to be killed … I wasn’t going to kill him.. stupid guards.. I bet dominic told him to do it because he knew I wouldent.. “well what if I told you there was more…your idiot guard killed her mate she lifeless”

“good she will be more compliant with her soul broken” he was sneering

“you ass!! shes not even your mate whats wrong with you!!”

“shes mine!!! she knew what she was getting herself into when she flaunted her ass in front of me!!!!”

“I don’t even want to tell you what I found out … you had better treat her better then you treated Katrina!!!”

“what are you talking about dan” he sounded bord

“she has a daughter you imbecile”

“oh good is she as pretty as Katrina I think I have another cell opening up I need some new ass getting bord of the girls down ther  i need to get some youngins in there mmmm Id love some vigins hahahaha” he was disgusting the way he used and abused those women

“she’s yours you moron”!!! god i hated him we were fucking twins and if i was alpha things would be way different

“WHAT!!!” bring her to me

“shes not here but we can smell her I know shes yours she smells just like you her whole bedroom reaks of it”

“send Katrina with a few guards and search for my daughter where are you im coming there!”

Holly shit he is coming here ….

Dominic arrived by jet the next day I was woken up by him yelling at me to get dressed and start looking.. ass… we were up all night looking I had maybe an hour of sleep … we went out searching I caught her sent and howled I sat waiting for everyone to come to my location Dominic was there first

“I found her sent “ we were in the middle of the forest I kept thinking what the hell was she doing out here I could smell men here as well it was Alpha Blake’s men id know that putrid smell anywhere we ran in silence for what seemed hours further into the forest..

Dominic’s POV

we had the shack surrounded I knew she was in here I could smell her we followed her sent for miles. when I found out I had a daughter  after all these years …the stupid bitch had run with my pup and she was going to pay. I always wondered what gave her the strength to run she was terrified by me I was baffled but now I know that she got courage because she was pregnant she didn’t want me to have my child .. she was going to pay!!

“alright everyone kill anyone inside but if you even misplace one hair on my daughters head I will kill you! and I will take my time when I do it making sure you will feel every bone breaking you will beg for mercy”

Dominic was radiating power off him. we came crashing in at every opening through windows and doors but we all froze when we saw the sight before us…. the room was painted with blood at least 20 men some in wolf form and some in their human form lay dead on the floor it was a massacre there bodies laid in distorted configurations all my men were well accustomed to blood and death but this was nothing like they had ever seen before,

this was horrific, in the centre of it all laid a girl naked covered head to toe in blood. I knew it was her I could smell her god help them if she was dead I knew the dead wolves around her were Alpha Blake’s men I could smell it I would kill every single person in his pack if she was dead I was ready to kill them all just because she was here in this place. I felt her pulse she was alive just barely!

“pull the vehicle up and get the medic… I’ve got her”

… all these years of trying to have a pup an heir … I thought maybe there was something wrong with me I had locked up and raped so many she wolves I was beginning to think it was me. Alphas can only have one child one heir and I had found mine…

I picked her up she was a good size I cradled her in m arms she will make a great heir just look at this massacre..but what happened here i wondered…did she do this?? she must have.. theres no one else here…

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