Sea Slave

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In the moon light,

Above the waves

The shadowed boat

Bobbed and swayed

No screams, no shouts,

The wave loomed high,

Not even a whisper,

No sound of a cry

A bellow, a haunt,

The sound to your ears,

It creaked and crumbled

And even cracked tears

The wave loomed high,

Then underwent the tip

Under for seconds

 Then down went the ship

The wind ripped past ears

Racing hearts

As the ship and its people

Were swept far apart

Under the waves

All was not calm

As heads slowly under

Filled with alarm

Not with the urge

To scream and to shout,

But with the urge

To hug and call out

The kayos, it rained

Through hearts and through heads

And the crystallised substance

Surrounded their necks

They tumbled and turned

Through midnight blue waves

As I, the sea

Had made them all slaves

I thought on adventures

And times in the night

How I could enrage

Then calm people’s fright

And whilst they had,

But few seconds to breathe

I there master,

was sad they would leave

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