CHANWOO✖Boy next door

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"What are those trucks doing in front of the vacant house beside ours mom?" You asked as you peaked at the window.

"New neighbors, I guess." She replied. You nodded like you're convinced.

"And because we have a new neighbor, bring this to him." Your mom pointed a tray of brownies that is newly baked.

"Him? So he's alone?" Your mom wiggled her eyebrows saying yes.

"No way! That's completely awkward. And I didn't took a bath yet." You opened the t.v and watched so that your mom won't order you.

"And so what if he's alone? You're beautiful so don't be shy. Come on!" Said by your mom forcing you to give those brownies.

"Aish. If that guy would give me a stinky impression, I'll kick his ass."

"______! Stop it. Hurry up 'cause it's still hot." You carried the tray of brownies and headed outside.

"Is our new neighbor an old man or a kid or a teen? Whatever. I'll just hand him these brownies." You pushed the doorbell and waited for him. Then the door quickly opened.

"Yes?" A good-looking guy welcomed you. You got trembled for a second.

"Hey? How can I help you?" He waved his hands, catching your attention.

"Ah... Uhm... I would like to give this to you as a token of... Uhm... Friendship. Well, I just live next door." You smiled, not knowing what to say or to do next.

He got the tray and placed it beside the door's table.

"Thank you. I'm your new neighbor." He offered his hand.

"By the way, my name's ______." You held his hand gently.

"I'm Jung Chan Woo." He smiled at you sweetly. Oh glob.

"I must go now. Bye." You ran back to your house. Before you open the door, you looked at his place again. He smiled and waved while you just entered your house awkwardly.


You bid goodbye to your mom as you stepped outside. It is monday and the first day of school.

As you were passing by Chanwoo's residence, he was locking his door and walked down the mini stairs.

"Are you going to school?" He began asking.

"Yeah. Are we... schoolmates? Cause your uniform is same as what my male classmates wear." He smiled, again. Why does he like to smile? His dimples is freaking me out. You thought.

"I guess. If so, then let's go to school together."

"O-Okay." He walked first. You followed him, without sayin' a word.


"My room is just beside you. Nice." He entered his room.

"Who's with you?" Your friend ask.

"Aren't you saying hi first? Hehe."

"Geez, Hiiiii! Okay. Who's that guy with you? Your boyfriend? Oh my---!" You covered her mouth.

"No he's not. He's living next door. Not a big deal." The two of you entered your room and sat at the back.

"Really huh. Well, you two look nice with each other. Like a, couple. Just saying the truth." You looked at her, raising an eyebrow.

"Don't be malicious okay. He's not my type." She coughed and cleared her throat.

"Owwws? Geez. Haha what am I even thinking." She laughed. You just sighed.

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