2 - Crooked Ties & Morning Meetings

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Oliver eyed me. "How did that help, Violet?"

I picked up the folders again, shrugging my shoulders. "It didn't." I replied and started walking out of his office. I passed my own smaller office, right beside his own. Oliver followed me, passing a number of empty offices on our way to the elevator.

Inside the tiny elevator I handed another folder to Oliver, hoping he wouldn't jump down my throat with my next sentence. "Now, don't be mad with me but you've got a meeting with Palmer Tech's very own CEO. It starts in ten minutes."


I gave Oliver a tight smile. "Stay calm, it's just a casual meeting. Felicity Smoak just wanted to meet the new CEO of Queen Consolidated. She's not going to bite your head off."

Oliver sighed, his hand going back to his tie. I slapped it away quickly, giving him a stern glare. "Don't you dare touch that damn tie."

"You could have warmed me about the meeting." Oliver replied sharply, flicking his eyes over the folder in his hands, his face twisting into a frown.

I glanced over at him, keeping my face blank. "I did warn you."

Oliver rolled his handsome eyes, he knew me too well. "I meant a little sooner. When did you even put this meeting together?"

My shoulders lifted up with a reply, my eyes staring at my reflection in the cold elevator doors. "Last night, actually. I've been quite busy."

"After our conversation? It was almost twelve o'clock when we finished. How did you manage to speak with Palm Tech and organise a meeting?"

I shrugged again, something he really did underestimate me. I ran my free hand down my pencil skirt, smoothing out the thin material. "I have my ways. Miss Smoak was very willing to meet with you. I spoke with her directly actually, she's not a heavy sleeper apparently, quite chatty too. Anyway, we needed a plan and I put together one."

Oliver closed the folder, holding out his hand for another. I handed him one last folder with a grin, knowing him all too well. "I assume you didn't sleep last night?"

I shook my head. "Sleep is for the weak. Something I am not."

A husky laugh escaped his lips. "No, you are most definitely not."

The elevator stopped with a ding, the doors flying open. We walked down another hallway lined with glass. On this floor the offices weren't empty, employees milled around the office, some at their desks actually doing work, while others hung around the water cooler, no doubt gossiping about the new Queen family secret. I spotted Douglas among them, giving him a little wave of my fingers. "I can assume you're going to let me in on this plan of yours, right?" Oliver asked next to me, his strides long and I had to move my feet faster to keep up with him. The edge of my heel digging into the raw flesh of skin on my ankle, even though the tights covered the burn, it still hurt like a bitch.

I nodded, biting down the sudden pain. "Of course, I wouldn't set up something without running it by you first."

Oliver eyed me. "It wouldn't be the first time, Violet."

I sighed, giving him my best polite smile. "What sort of secretary would I be if I didn't save your handsome behind every chance I got?"

"One that has a job." Oliver grinned back.

I rolled my eyes at him, pushing open the heavy glass door of the conference room. Oliver swagged into the room, stepping up to Miss Smoak, the CEO of Palmer Technologies. I stayed my distance, knowing I was to be seen and not heard. Felicity's eyes took in the handsome man in front of him, her smile falling for only a second. I felt myself grin at her actions. Every woman that came into contact with Oliver was always the same. She stuck out her hand with a gentle smile. "Mr. Queen, it's quite nice to meet you."

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