2 - Crooked Ties & Morning Meetings

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The news of Robert Queen being the vigilante, Arrow swept through Star City like wildfire. The news was upsetting for most. The citizens could be cruel sometimes, labelling Robert Queen as a murderer, as a man that couldn't be trusted now. Arrow had gone from a hero to a villain in a matter of moments. He had been a man of power, of money and of respect. His company Queen Consolidated was one the leading companies in Star City.

But now, everything was falling.

Robert Queen was arrested and now currently chained behind bars at Iron Heights. It didn't look a promising outcome for the once beloved millionaire. But I couldn't think about that, not at the moment. Oliver was now appointed acting CEO of his family's business. He now had the whole company resting on his shoulders and with the new Arrow scandal it wasn't going to be easy running the company.

"This is your company, Oliver." I told him sternly. He was standing in his new office, his back turned to me as he looked out the glass windows overlooking the city. "It has always been your company. You've worked hard to get here. So, yes...there's a massive family scandal right now and you've been dropped into the lion's den to try and save this company, but do you know what?"

Oliver turned to face me, his handsome face painted with uncertainty. I strolled across the room to him, dropping my stack of folders on his desk. I took hold of his uneven tie and slowly fixed it. "What?"

I gave him a firm smile, my hands smoothing over his silver tie. "You're Oliver Queen, you've got this."

Oliver cocked his head to the side. "You know Violet, you've been spinning that line for almost two years. I think it's time to change it up a bit."

I shook my head, my nose crinkling as I grinned at him. "It works, doesn't it?"

Oliver shrugged. "It always works."

"Then I'll never change it up," I replied with a quick flash of my teeth for him. I turned back to the folders and handed one to Oliver and kept the rest in my arms for filing.

He was already frowning, "What's this?"

A tiny groan escaped my mouth and Oliver quickly flipped through the folder, his eyes scanning over the information I was hesitant to inform him. "This can't be right. Tell me this isn't true."

I nodded slowly, hating how it had fallen to me that his company was falling from grace. "Sadly, it is. Palmer Technologies has always been our leading competitor but with the new scandal, they've pulled ahead. Most of our board members are hesitant about keeping with the company. Half of the funders have backed out. To keep the company afloat, we need at least half a million dollars, which means we need more funders."

Oliver placed down the folder, his hand automatically going to his tie and yanking it a bit looser. I dumped the folders back to the desk and went back to fixing Oliver's tie, flicking his hand away when he tried to stop me. "Everything is going to be fine. We've been through worse." I told him.

"I've been the CEO of a matter of minutes and I've nearly lost the company. How is everything going to be alright? I promised my father I would keep the company alive when I took over." Oliver was already having doubts and that would not work, not today.

I stepped back checking out my handiwork. "I don't think your dad intended you to take over so soon, believe it or not. I also don't think he planned on being  revealed as the city's Arrow."

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