Chapter Twenty-Five» Naina Omar Khan

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Loving you is the only thing I know
» unknown.



I could feel my eyes widening. The world before me twisting and turning seeing the familiar dark eyes, stare at me. As though he could see through my soul, as though it was merely a glass that could be seen through.

Inhaling a sharp breath I found myself taking a step backwards, seeing his eyes plastered on my movements, like a predator stalking it's prey. Intimidation consumed me, finding myself glancing hesitantly at Ayan seeing him stand beside me, taking a protective step forward.

Ayan dark blue suit now hid my view, allowing Omars silhouette figure to stand proudly against the light. His shadow spreading in each corner like the Boogeyman.

The tension between the men heightened making me clear my throat lightly, not wanting to be the cause of a disagreement, whilst ignoring my beating heart.

"O-Omar this is Ayan Parker and Ayan this is Omar" I spoke softly glancing between the two men, seeing their gaze snap forward landing on me.

The very little energy within me stilled seeing their intimidated eyes glance at me, each one having their own accusations.

Ayan was the first one to break the awkward silence as he extended his hand. His gaze fixed on Omar. Retaliating, the two men shook their hands no doubt squeezing the life out of their hands.

"Ayan Parker, a pleasure to meet you. I've read your article on the Human mind. Wondrous actually how we humans are more advanced in possessive behaviour than we think" Omar spoke standing beside me. His towering figure standing over my smaller one.

I could smell his strong cologne whiffing past me, as my gaze flickered upwards. Landing on Ayan seeing him return a tight smile, not reaching his eyes.

"Indeed Mr. Khan we are possessive creatures over what's ours" Ayan spoke smoothly glancing at me before looking at Omar who had a dark glint in his eyes. Glancing between the two men I  remained at loss for words, unable to say anything.

What are they doing? Are they crazy?

Despite the tension between the men, I manged to walk away from them hearing Ayan and Omar walk behind me. No doubt glaring at each other.

He was here after all these months.

I couldn't belive my eyes. Hundreds of questions bombarded my mind, each with its own theory.

Why was he here? What did he want?

All these thoughts held me a prisoner to my mind, which I couldn't escape from. Like the howling winds of the night, bristling through the air, I remained the entity held in the midst not knowing where to departure from. Not knowing how to escape the darkness and the cold, not knowing which direction to take.

My heart or my pride.

Stepping inside the room I was greeted to the sight of Uncle Huzaifah, dressed in our cultural clothes, his dark grey eyes trained on his son stood now beside me.

Ignoring the man, I found myself offering Uncle Huzaifah a smile, greeting him before sitting beside his wife, Aunt Farrah.

She knew something was wrong. It was evident in her honey coloured eyes yet she remained silent. Her pleading eyes glancing towards her son, shame flooding through it.

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